Example of Personalized Karmic Report for Brad Pitt

by: Mihalj Nemet

brad pitt

William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (born 18 December 1963, 06:31 AM, Shawnee, OK, US) is an American actor and producer. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Academy Award nominations in acting categories, and received three further Academy Award nominations, winning one, as producer under his own company Plan B Entertainment.

As a public figure, Pitt has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry, as well as the world's most attractive man, by various media outlets. His personal life is also the subject of wide publicity. Divorced from actress Jennifer Aniston, to whom he was married for five years, he has been married to actress Angelina Jolie since 2014. They have six children together, three of whom were adopted internationally.


Personalized Karmic Report for Brad Pitt


One of the most charismatic actors of his era, Brad Pitt was part of glamour scene which dominates the Hollywood for almost a decade. After modest start, his career turned quickly upwards in mid 90s with few glamorous marriages that boasted also his image of successful media figure. With at least dozen of emblematic characters he portrayed during his career we can be curious about origins of his vivid energy. From hitchhiker cowboy in Telma and Louise to impressive role of battle hardened sergeant in Fury, we find traces of his true personality. In few notes bellow we will try to examine areas in his birth chart which are most helpful in understanding Karmic layers that molded this extraordinary actor.

Brad's Natal Chart



The 4th House in the Chart

Ruler of the 4th house Neptune in 11th connected with Juno. Based upon examination of ruler and house which it is in a strong legacy of naivety and simple minded dreams. Preservation and heritage of long term ideals are originating from family which suffered from harshness and remoteness for quite a long time and was in meanwhile content upon receiving small rewards on path to greatness. This position implies of person who had dreamy past, prolonged dreams of getting to big screen on one day including rosy marriage with famous person (influence of Juno on 11th house and Neptune). Neptune has sextile with Mercury in 2nd house which points to great talent of mixing beautiful speech and charisma with media, combined with specific vocal possibilities. Jupiter in 4th implies great legacy of dreaming to be big action hero, free, potent and roaming. With evident Martian influence there is potential to be quite courageous, most prominent and middle years. As Jupiter is also a chart ruler and in square with Mars it consumes great energy to build that dream like image from past to this life, to this reality.

Moon in the Chart

Moon as general indicator of past and inherited emotional structure is in 2nd house, in Capricorn, closely conjuncted with Venus.

Very distant soul presence, with various level of cold aesthetics. Sometimes barely reachable, person can be both calculated and careful. This may lead to suffering from lack of quality emotional response in early years of life. Ruler of 2nd house Saturn is strong Karmic indicator also and is located on dark side of 3rd house. This indicates type of lone, cold, hard-on-words cowboy type. His past presence was molded by harsh nature of his surrounding but also kept his inner child alive as he was not corrupted. Looking sometimes naive and sometimes to mature this emotional core has talent to affect females which are usually older and hard to fail on temptations. Also, he possess inherited perception of old, conservative and lasting values which profits him on long term investitions, both energy and money wise. There are some traces of lust and temptation to short term satisfactions, as Moon is too near classical Venusian energies. Capricornian shades will prevail during time, as energies mature here more quickly but longing for perfectness in physical beauty will long remain as prioritized value.  

South Node-North Node

His South Node is on dark side of 2nd house, conjuncted with Mars.

He is victim of harsh values, originated mainly from written laws and harsh karmic surroundings. It is connected with highly individual energies he possess as his main expression was pure action but under control, so he managed to forge little or no material and concrete achievements during his past life. Mixed with energy of Uranus and Pluto this Node illustrates highly complex but not so developed individuality. Potent energy can be channelized from past, mixing various depths of previously unused individual values. North Node in dark side of 8th house or on prolonged end of 7th house indicates long journey to find soul mate that will fit his stern values of elegant and dignified beauty, embodied by ruler of 7th house, Mercury. Ruler of North Node is aforementioned Moon, which qualities of ,baby looking old men' will bring him much needed support on his journey (remember his role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

Saturn as an Indicator of Karmic Debt

His Saturn is on dark side of 3rd house. It is sign that he was plagued with inability to express his thought and desires properly. Imagine mute horsemen, fighting with enormous distances with his horse just for ignoring might of one telegram. He battled hard times to cultivate his desire for freedom, to find proper language for that quest. Rough response on his early efforts will only make him more determined. His knowledge about life is building slowly, clumsy choices may arise here in there in his first years but intelligence developed through time will be very solid even wise in the end. Square with Neptune is testing his abilities to persist with his dream, a great task to isolate reality from wild images of potential future.

Retrograde Planets

Only Uranus and Pluto are being retrograde in chart, in 9th house, opening in Leo. This is blocked energy mainly regarded higher elements of personal freedom. To be open and eccentric in higher spheres, to dominate in unknown, to find itself in areas unconquered before. Almost as his dissatisfaction came from lacking better, hyper-horse which can dominate whole perceived vastness in front of him. As Uranus is squaring his Asc Brad’s urge to express his personal eccentricity is even more pronounced. Uranus is also a smaller generation symbol, so cry for unique freedom in post-cold war era is emanating through his personality.

Chiron in the Chart

Chiron is extremely connected with Uranus in chart as is forming opposition with it. Located in Pisces, in 3rd house, Chiron is slowly focusing more extreme energies into more feasible and day-to-day relations, slowly building bridge between initial mental closeness and desire for wider expression. Pisces influence is most evident, as bridge is mainly artistic and media related (ruler Neptune is in 11th house). Also, numerous short term relationships between colleagues are most beneficial in both personal and professional way. Vital connection is present through sextile with Mars, prolonging effective impact of his personality and making his general actions more acceptable. Chiron’s square with Asc may add additional note of restlessness on his presence, but slowly shifting image to accommodated wise man.  


Considered to be root of every birth chart, Karmic astrology is important for our understanding of basic patterns and surroundings in which person starts. Here we can find what is core background for emotional reflexes, in which areas there is evident slow start, where learning curve tends to boom and which effort leads more quickly to success. Karma is both learned and judged. Great deal of talent may lie under pile of consequences just because it was unlawfully exercised in the past. As soon as it is propelled to function in usable and good manner, person is replenished and can move forward.

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