Mars, our planet of movement and initiative, will station retrograde on April 17th at 9° Sagittarius and will station direct on June 29th at 23° Scorpio. Yes, Mars will move back through Scorpio by May 28th and will be in Scorpio for a little more than 18 weeks before moving back in to Sagittarius on August 2nd. Mars retrogrades every two years and can create troubling behavior while retrograde; aggressions, anger, self-defense and issues involving sexuality can all be addressed during these times.


When Mars retrogrades, forward movement is next to impossible and anything initiated during this time is said to be doomed to fail and out of your favor; may these odds be forever in your favor, as it's said.


The shadow periods, however, which began February 17th until April 17, and then again after, beginning June 30th until August 22nd indicate much healing, strategy, and determination. Hard work matched by initiative, reinforcing a drive to succeed, and pushing past the boundaries set by others for you, is just one example of the power within Mars' shadow.

Astrologer Lynn Koiner states that "new plans may backfire when Mars retrogrades; that plans lose their drive to succeed or fail to happen at all. Mars retrograde is excellent for working on your plans, not for taking action, and useful in going back over and re-working your projects, brilliant for resting, to recharge your batteries."

Koiner continues to drive these details, as Mars so naturally prefers, in adding that "whoever initiates loses— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war." --all intrigues of Mars. Furthermore, you may notice quick-to-anger colleagues or easily irritated coworkers; bitter lovers or angry partners. Irrationality is highly likely through the next ten weeks.

When anger is abound, action is required.


Please do be mindful of your feelings and the ways in which you are processing these feelings and also, the ways in which these feelings are inevitably emerging. Outbursts can sometimes be avoided-- or at the very least, tempered- if exercise or other physically stimulating activities are used. You're likely connecting the possibility that those ruled by Mars would naturally be somewhat cornered through this shift in energy, and you would be on to something.

Both Aries folks and Scorpio folks will feel an altered shift-- in energy, in motivation, and in initiative. Mars-ruled individuals may feel more empowered to be patient; to sit this one out; to detach; to allow events to fall as they may without the need to pull the strings. For everyone else-- you may feel a heightened level of impatience, irritability, and impulsivity!

Oh, how the tables do turn.

Since February, an underlying motivation to initiate, to empower, and/or outwardly rise to an occasion has been festering, has been being fueled, and is now fuming. And you most likely already know what challenges are ahead of you now.

The area in your life-- where Mars is moving in your chart- is where you have been fueling and is crucial to your growth, to your success, and to your Truth. And as the Universe wants nothing other than to offer you whatever is needed, a celestial opportunity awaits you.


And I realize that this is the last thing you want to be, to practice, or to heed right now. But you've worked so hard for what's awaiting you...

Back in February, when Mars entered its shadow period, Mars was making a connection to Jupiter, which was also conjunct the North Node, also making a connection to Chiron.

We know that Jupiter represents our Truth and our search for a higher meaning; good fortune; a willingness to be courageous and to take movements beyond our comfort zones in pursuit of what we need.

We know that the North Node represents a point in the heavens that points toward our Truth, our mission, our reason for being here; our soul's true path.

And we know that Chiron represents our wounds and our ability to heal from trauma; highlighting the adage that the light shines through the cracks and our strengths are always strengthened through our weaknesses.

And we know that if Mars, our planet of action, movement, and initiative is making connections to the points in our charts mentioned above that this indicates an auspicious green light in the right direction, toward Truth, healing, and celestial gifts meant for you.


Now, as Mars prepares for retrogradation, it is important to point out that Saturn, though very close, is not exactly close enough to be called a conjunction, and will not be exactly conjunct until August 24th at 9° Sagittarius. Mars, while retrograde, will actually continue to move further and further away from Saturn.

However, Saturn is also retrograde. This is something worth looking at because it is also at 9° Sagittarius that Saturn will station direct.

Saturn is our planet of time, karma, and also-- of patience.

Saturn and Mars together can inspire the stamina necessary to see dreams through despite whatever celestial weather ensues. Or, these two can invoke anger fueled by bitterness, resentment or revenge; disappointment, depression, hardship, or uncertainty.

Remember, Saturn appreciates and rewards hard work, personal goals in achievement, and discipline. Keeping focus on long-term goals can only help you. Acting without thinking, acting aggressively, or acting out will only hurt you. This is Saturn. Quite simply.


Mars will make another connection to Chiron while stationing direct at the end of June. This aspect will reward those of us who did not go overboard and did very well take mind to cautionary advice with the energies we need to continue on and will help, though somewhat retroactively, in healing those who did not take mind.

Either way, hard work will be the theme of this transitional period; difficulties with decision-making and a possible turning point would be suggested outcomes.

May this celestial pause be, for you, a refreshing opportunity to think about your goals and what it will take for you to meet these goals; to examine your anger, your desires, and your motivations; to endure whatever befalls you or embraces you to better build your character, your stamina, and your ability to see your dreams through both thick and thin, sweet and sour, the good, the bad and the very ugly.

In summary, I would like to add a few this-and-that's I found while researching for this post. I find it endlessly interesting that several astrologers have noted a few patterns associated with the retrograde phases of Mars--

  • to never buy anything mechanical without insuring it
  • that office machinery and computers break down
  • chiropractors see a dramatic increase in the amount of new and/or existing patients
  • brakes go out
  • ER nurses and law enforcement officers see an increase in admitting/processing those related to violence and/or accidents

This article is written by Jamie VanZuuk

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