Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde, such a fear inducing sentence! People start complaining and hide in their home; blame the planet of intellect for any bad luck and are having hysterical reactions. The truth is that you should not stop your life during this ongoing transit; nevertheless it is good to keep an eye on some areas of your life where the winged messenger planet might have an adverse impact.

So, What Should We Do When Mercury Turns Retrograde?


BACK UP YOUR DATA! The planet’s retrograde movement can have a quite adverse effect on everything technological. Computers, telephones and gadgets can break or malfunction; it is a stupid idea to lose your vacation pictures because you were lazy to pass them from your phone to your desktop PC. Also, watch out for pickpockets, especially in the transportation means!

WHEN SOMEONE OFFENDS YOU, DO NOT TAKE HIS WORDS PERSONALLY. The minds of most people are in confusion during this type of transit, and even the dearest people can express themselves in awkward ways that can hurt us. Communication between people functions less harmonically, and make sure it is not you who offends others!

DO NOT RUSH INTO PURCHASES. Objects that you will buy may be faulty and not function well; an issue you will probably discover later. This will even more frequently happen with technological equipment, and whatever machine has to do with communication or transportation. Instead, spend your time on researching the market, to buy the best thing after the planet turns direct. If you decide to go YOLO and buy things during Mercury’s backwards movement, make sure you get a warranty.

DO NOT SIGN IMPORTANT CONTRACTS. Unless it is something very urgent, postpone it for another period. If you have no other alternative, read the small letters carefully before signing. Also, check if you have filled correctly all your information, as trouble might rise from incorrect data entries. Check that airplane ticket you buy online, maybe you misspelled a letter of your surname and have last minute problems while ready to depart.

AIM ARRIVING A LOT EARLIER TO YOUR APPOINTMENTS. Mercury is disrupting transportation, so its likely you will meet traffic, the bus might break down or you will be simply checking out that hot blondie and miss the right station to exit. If you travel long distances, always arrive earlier to the airport, to the port or to the station. Double check your baggage and keep your traveling papers and important things near you all the time!

DO NOT MAKE ANY TYPE OF DECISIONS THAT ARE PERMANENT. Deciding to get married, move to another country, quit your job, start a business, get a raccoon for a pet should wait until Mercury goes direct again. You really do not wish getting stuck into situations where even banging your head on the wall is not helping.

THINK TWICE BEFORE SPEAKING. Mercury makes our words spring out of our minds more carelessly than usual. Choose words that cannot create negative emotions, or even the possibility of misintepretation; you will notice that even if you have the best intentions other people will be easily irritated. That woman might not be pregnant but only chubby.

CHECK THE RECEIVER’S ADDRESS OR NUMBER, WHEN YOU SEND SOMETHING. No matter if it is an email, an SMS or a parcel, you want it delivered to the correct person, right? You really don’t need your naked pictures arriving to your boss, or that drunk “I want to see you” message sent to that psychotic ex-girlfriend who long time was stalking you.

CHECK YOUR VEHICLES’ CONDITION, and ensure you have the emergency kit needed to change that flat tyre. You probably do not want to hassle other drivers for stopping and helping you, and make sure you have a reserve tyre too! Also, it is wise to keep an eye on your car insurance expiration date, as during this period you might forget that you need to renew it! In any case, drive slower, don’t drink and don’t let that hot chick touch you under the wheel. Your fantasies can wait until you reach a safe place.

This article is written by Dionysios Xenoulis, a professional astrologer and famous writer from Greece. Dionysios is also the author of an exclusive Full Planets in Houses Analysis Report that you can create for yourself and your loved ones based on your birth data.

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