Full Planets in Houses Analysis

Written by Dionysios Xenoulis

Planets in Houses Astrology

Your Full Planets in Houses Analysis is the core in understanding yourself through astrology. 

Why some happy events just happen when we least expect them? Why we struggle and struggle in some life matters but cannot succeed? Why we repeat the same mistakes over and over? Why we perceive ourselves and the world around us like we do and it’s hard to change the way?

The point is that the planetary positions during the time of your birth create a stereotypical pattern which your life tends to follow.

Every astrological house rules certain matters of our lives, and so the presence of a planet in that house can show us a lot about how we perceive those matters, what actions we do, as well as how our surroundings and reality affect them. Each planet brings forth different types of energy, whether positive or negative which has an effect on our whole life.

For example, natal placement of Jupiter in the Second House guarantees your luck in financial issues, like in the charts of Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Natal Sun in the 9th House grants extremely high possibility of traveling and even moving for permanent living to some foreign country. Pluto location in the 5thhouse indicates a very intense love life that can even be full of obsessions, etc and etc!

Thus, by examining the natal planet placement you can understand better the archetypes imprinted in you during the moment of your birth and see potential strengths and weaknesses, perspectives and obstacles. This report will not only grant you knowledge of who you are, but will also give you an upper hand in life, as you will know where you need to improve on.

The Report includes analysis of the presence of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in the houses. Please be advised that purchasing the report you will get free access to all the updated versions of this report which will include the analysis of the placement of Chiron, Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Part of Fortune and Vertex by the houses.

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To see what you will learn about yourself from the report, have a look at one of the samples for celebrities. You'll be surprised how amazing it is!

Leonardo DiCaprio      Donald Trump      Angelina Jolie      Edward Snowden     

 Leonardo DiCaprio                        Donald Trump                           Angelina Jolie                           Edward Snowden