This Mercury Retrograde Promises to be Easier: Venus enters Taurus

Right after Mercury turns retrograde (on April 29), Venus enters Taurus (on April 30) that is a really favorable transit since Taurus is her own natural domain. This will smoothen the Mercury retrograde period which will last for almost the same period of time. The benefic planet of Venus feels perfect inside this moist and fertile Earth sign, and will bring the necessary growth to everything ruled by the house where it’s placed in your birth chart.

Venus is a planet ruling beauty and pleasure, joy and happiness, love and success. It is also responsible for all the small things that make us happy and smiling!

All decoration, jewels and objects of beauty are under the planet’s governance, as also the art of their usage. Thus, artists, dancers and performers are also ruled by the planet. Generally, all professions that are connected with creating beauty from the human body or from objects are a part of the Venusian realm.

Due to her connection with the 2ndhouse, the planet governs the money, while also anything else that is considered as a personal possession. In addition, the fact that it rules the 7thhouse makes Venus responsible for marriages, unifications and all long-term relations, even if they are strictly of a business nature.

Indeed, her placements and influences can bring a lot of joy and success! And the current transit grants you great opportunities for this! You will benefit from this short passage of Venus, which will only stay in Taurus for 25 days!

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