Key Planetary Influences on Leonardo DiCaprio's Current Solar Chart Which Finally Brought Him Oscar

This year, after five Oscar nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally walked off the stage with the coveted gold trophy. FINALY!!! Is there astrological explanation for this?

Mihalj Nemet, a professional consulting astrologer answers this question right here analyzing Leo’s Solar Return and Progression Charts.

Solar chart shows return of Sun to its natal position, occurred every year around birthday. It shows key energy focus for following year, stage where ego force will shine or be tamed (depending on situation in chart). As Sun is usually house ruler solar chart reveals new area where Sun gains prominence. Solar chart is valid for one year. In that period Sun is placed in position where new opportunities may arise more easily. Personalization offers more insight in some hardly measurable explanations like exact Sun position in house (right on start, in the middle, on dark side etc). Also it can better delineate aspects pattern - showing which planets follow Sun in importance. Based on final picture of Sun position we are in position to provide better advice on how to use upcoming situation in best manner.

Solar Return Report for Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 41th birthday on Manhattan, NY
Date of solar return is: 04:27:59 AM, 11/11/2015

In solar chart, rulers of 10th, 11th and 12th house are conjuncted in Leo's first solar house. These houses are mostly connected with career, media and hidden influence. Conjunction as whole is positioned on dark side of 2nd house which points to prolonged shadow of over-the top personality and lack of full sized materialisation. In Leo's head that missing gold piece for next year was probably little shiny Mr. Wilde's namesake.

What we see is that aforementioned three houses are opened with degrees that are on very end of their sign, with 11th house being the extreme with last degree of Leo. That signifies end of one era, year of rounding influences from before. There is very high level of energy which flows around cusp and ruler of 12th solar house. Ruler Mercury is tightly conjucted with ruler of solar 10th, Moon, and on cusp we have North Node, Venus and Mars bounded together. There is almost an image of millions of hidden faces, fans from all over the world which are sending support to his career.

Dimension of remoteness, which comes from meaning of 12th, which is filled with struggle (high energy Mars-Venus conj) is reflected in his awarded movie The Revenant. By coincidence ruler of solar chart Venus, being in 12th, also has ghostly image reserved for actor in year to come.

Jupiter is comfortably positioned in the middle of 11th house, which certainly boost media status. As that is not enough, there is precise sextile with ruler of 11th, Sun, from first and Jupiter itself. Is that media figure on steroids? You can bet on that. Also, its position in Virgo focuses media image to intellectual branch of audience which helps on understanding serious side of his accomplishment.

In the middle of 2nd house there is Saturn standing firmly as always. His value and values will be judged closely but as Neptune adds a square to that decision we can expect some rain from heavens on that decision. Ruler of 2nd, Pluto is in beneficial sextile with rulers of 10th and 12th house so values will be connected with some higher spheres easily. As Pluto is in solar 3rd house, we can expect greater deal of subliminal messages from Leonardo in this period. Conspiracy theorists be aware, you may have another big thing coming, this time right from beloved Hollywood star.

Looking upon birth chart in comparison to solar we find that 10th and 11th house are having same potent rulers, Sun and Moon, but are now opened on more mature sign areas. Rulers in solar are conjuncted and forming trine with natal Saturn. That aspect further emphasizes symbols of repayment and personal cycle coming to end. Long term effort can found its impact on both personal and emotional level. Solar Venus is several minutes away from natal ascendant which adds amiable note on his personality. But that is not what Leo needs most, isn't that correct? He is almost an exporter of amiability throughout his career.

Maybe strongest position in solar chart is overlooked North Node on cusp of solar 12th house. Pushing his artistic work on high end note Node is channeling united media work closely is touch with masses (ruler is ultra tight with Moon). Leonardo sure stirred up global media in this year so hope that his voice will contribute to potential progressive force in Hollywood, capable of creating more lasting humanistic perspective.

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