Current Planetary Weather Affecting Each and Every One: Mutable Grand Cross

The evolving mutable grand cross, involving the sun and Venus opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces is beginning. It will last till June 9th and will have a great impact on all of us!

Follow your dreams

This transiting evolution is, or will be very soon, undoubtedly evoking personal transformation and an assertion toward inner power, will, and strength, as well as a will to fulfill a sense of purpose... however restless these energies make you feel.

It is through our personal relationships that we are able to cultivate a calming balance to counter these restless energies.

These relationships can be conducive in feeling a sense of purpose, or fulfilling a mission of some sort. Within our relationships a centering is possible. And quite necessary now.

What's new here, in contrast from the grand trine in earth, is the conjunct energies of Venus and the sun, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

So, the triangle is turning, and evolving, to form a square.

Mercury is still in Taurus, however no longer holding a firm place of point among the square. Common sense now may not be so "common". And furthermore, it's not an issue of logical sense, but more about intuitive sense.

Jupiter is still in Virgo and will continue to represent virtue and reliability, a sense of order, and continue taking action for the general good, having a sense for everything that is useful.

Where Jupiter is in a chart is where we seek to know, understand, learn and improve.

We're curious. Intrigued. We've got a hunch, but need to know a little bit more...

And though Pluto is quite powerful, always, Pluto also holds no place of point among the square.

As the sun and Venus continue to move from Taurus to Gemini-- the sun has made this transition and Venus will follow suit tomorrow- from 9°-18° Gemini, a square will emerge, these degrees being activated through the majority of June.

Where the sun is in a chart represents where our ego is, our motivation, and our livelihood.

Where we find Venus we find ease, comfort, and attraction.

That saying you hear: the things you seek are seeking you-- is especially true when Venus and the sun work so closely together. There's clear motivation here, and it's definitely tempting. What are you waiting for!?

And with Neptune in Pisces, this adds the "happily ever after" aspect.

Do keep in mind, hard work is still necessary now.

With Neptune, we're able to dissolve any boundaries or limitations that "common sense" would declare impossible. This has its weaknesses, but when used in moderation, can make all of the difference. Through our soul's yearning, our honest ideals, and our vulnerabilities is where our vision seeks to heal.

What you've always dreamed of could actually be possible.

And then there's Saturn, the planet of limitations.

But in Sagittarius, Saturn seeks to establish and preserve our aspirations, beliefs, philosophies and identities by creating regularity and objectivity through an otherwise restless energy. , boundaries and limitations are existing in a more or less mutable and changeable way. Just as thoughts are things, boundaries and limitations are within your own making now.

And we're much more willing to embrace Saturn's guidelines now than we're ordinarily willing to... I'm guessing.

The mutable grand cross, for you, may be representing a very real ending, making way for a new beginning.

One you've thought for too long now may be just beyond your reach.

You are beginning to notice signs and details that are in agreement with these changes. Any insights, ideas, or inspirations you gather, be patient and allow these to speak to you.

As the sun continues to apply an opposition to Saturn, complete by June 2nd, at 13°07' Gemini/Sagittarius, there will likely be a resistance to change, or an inability to embrace new opportunities.

Change isn't always easy, though, sometimes completely necessary.

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