Mars Retrograde 2016, Part II

Mars is the action planet; impatient, passionate, and direct. So it's no surprise to learn that Mars is not his best when retrograde. Mars doesn't enjoy moving backward, reflecting, or waiting. Mars needs to go, see, do. Now!

Follow your dreams

In the previous article, we learn what Mars Retrograde means in general and about the specifics of Mars Retrograde in 2016. Now let's consider particularities of Mars Retrograde period from the end of May 2016:

  • Mars is retrograde at 0°51' Sagittarius and will soon be moving back to 29° Scorpio on the 27th of May.
  • On June 29th, 2016 Mars will station direct at 23° Scorpio.
  • Mars moved in to Scorpio back on January 3rd and first moved in to Sagittarius on March 6th.
  • Mars stationed retrograde on April 18th at 8° Sagittarius.
  • It will be August 22nd, however, when Mars has reached 8° Sagittarius again, ending the shadow period completely.
  • By September 27th, Mars will enter Capricorn.

These are dates to consider as you read.

Mars Retrograde

Where Mars is in a chart is where movement is occurring, or needing to occur. When Mars moves retrograde, these feelings of impatience, frustration, and stalled anxieties are commonly translated in to feelings of tension, stress, physical exhaustion or feelings of invincibility, lending to impulsively rash decision-making, offering regret and/or anger as an unfortunate outcome. Mars is also the planet of violence and accident; when our feelings of aggression are not used constructively, this is often a likely result.

It is best to implement exercising in to your routine, burning off excess energy constructively; pilates, running, hiking, or karate are excellent ways to do so.

Let's start by examining the energy of Mars when in Scorpio, and in Sagittarius-- these are very different and diverse energies. Again, look to the days above to synchronize any meaning for you personally.

Mars in Scorpio vs Mars in Sagittarius

Mars, when in Scorpio, is very comfortable. Mars is able to take charge in more appropriate ways than when in Aries, for example, as born of these signs share Mars rulership. In Scorpio, Mars is more strategic, a smidge more intense, and much more determined-- if you can even imagine.

Whereas, Mars in Sagittarius is more spirited. Mars enjoys placements among the fire signs, truly, though moving from water to fire is never seamless.

When Mars moves through Sagittarius, it is important to get out, put yourself in nature, and explore. Travel. Mentor. Broaden perspectives and expand horizons. Any experiences are good experiences. Also, be mindful of other's beliefs and personal philosophies. It's also an auspicious time to question your own, especially if you continue to trip over them or feel as though they are holding you back in any way.

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius suggests arguments and final disagreements over belief systems, long-held religious views and/or political view points, even with your "closest" friends. These types of raging feelings, when Mars takes this placement, has a way of lingering resentments, defensiveness, and alienation.

Bringing me to ...

Mars retrograde in Scorpio

If these dramatic conversations are occurring in your world, you may now begin to turn these feelings inward. Or dig deeper. Money, income, tangible wealth and assets may begin to surface in these conversations. Dark and dirty secrets are often brought to light. Regrets are born and scorn is stirred.

It is while Mars moves backwards through Scorpio, ultimately, that you will discover who your loyalties are and who they aren't, as well as who and what deserve your respect, your time, and your devotion-- saving you much needed time, otherwise wasted and wandering, to yourself to reflect.

Lines will be drawn. Tolerate no more.

Mars will want to confront, explode, and initiate a fight. Scorpio will insist upon disconnecting, quietly walking away, and considering debts another day. It is largely best you hold your tongue with this transit and allow Scorpio energy to sway you to take the higher road and simply walk. Don't look back. "Do no harm. But take no shit." That's Scorpio. Anger will occur, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. You will grow angry or cause anger.

Mars will want to act, it's what he inspires. However, to be blunt, it is so so very easy now to say something you'll regret or do something you'll regret... and Scorpio never forgets. Choose wisely. Likewise, for those of you enduring hardship-- you'll likely never forget. Or forgive. Still, watch your step. When in doubt, don't.

Scorpio is also about our fears, our losses, dark secrets, and the evermore darker corners of our lives. This specific retrograde is an opportunity to reflect and shift how we convey ourselves in these areas.

After June, and ultimately, by the end of August, our energies will be restored. We will see once again a long-awaited and much needed forward motion. Anything started, initiated, or introduced before then will likely be a very intense learning experience. Before then, spend these frustrating moments contemplating contentment, seeking zen, and breathing in and out.

Through this retrograde phase, ask yourself:

  • what is it that truly angers me?, am I the source of my own frustration?
  • what patterns am I seeing here?, honestly.
  • what reactions do I receive when I actively assert myself?, is there another way that would better serve me?

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