Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 2016

By Jamie VanZuuk


The moon has moved in to Sagittarius for the weekend, preparing to oppose the sun in Gemini once again by Monday, June 20th at 29°32' Gemini/Sagittarius at 6:58am EDT*, creating a very significant energy as it was only May 21st that we experienced a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 1° and this, my friends, is astrologically rare.

The summer solstice will occur, only eleven hours later, at 6:38pm EDT**, as the sun moves from Gemini in to Cancer, marking the official beginning of the season of summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern, and this has not happened, collectively, since 1997, and the next one-- 2035.

Many of you know my feelings toward the first five degrees of signs and houses, which suggest a stronger, more intense relevance in light or shadow reflected within the native or event. This intensity is matched, however, with that of the spiritually poignant 29th degree.

Many astrologers hold a particular relevance to the 29th degree, or anaretic degree, as it is technically the 30th-- and last- degree of each sign. If a planet is found at 29° of any sign there can be some real issues with decision-making in that part of the personality represented by the energies of the planet. For instance, the native, or energy of an event, may (be) evaluate(d) and re-evaluate(d) as situations and details manifest before movement or beginning, and then move or begin without considering the instincts previously considered.

Sound exhausting? It is!

Beyond decision-making issues, vacillation and believing in false hope are associated with the 29th degree, creating, ultimately, a very unreal sense of urgency. As the last degree of any zodiac sign, there can naturally be a sense of urgency surrounding the characteristics and associations of the particular sign. There can also be a general weakness in this area; it can be a point of poorly executed choices, rash difficulties, critical crisis, or overall overcompensation. While the classically critical 1°-5° are thought to give added strength to the planet or body, the anaretic degree is more of a somewhat debilitating position.


Now, with this in mind, allow me to review the significance in energies the solstice inspires.

The typical Full Moon illuminates influence for roughly three nights. The Solstice moon, or Strawberry moon, will take on a three day "stand still". The word "solstice" is Latin; 'sol' meaning "sun", and 'stice' meaning to "stand still", describing an "astral pause", a celestial gap in time, if you will. Solstice is, and has always been, a powerfully influential time for intention, soul-searching, gathering with family and loved ones, and celebration.

The Full Moon event will connect with Venus, once again, inspiring grace, love, comfort, and indulgence. Venus is now moving through the watery depths of Cancer, meaning that this conjuction is out-of-sign in strength, as the Geminian influence will insist on logic and reason while Cancer also appreciates these, and associates these when weighing all details beforehand, however, will still weigh more on feelings and instinct.

Combining the ingrained sense of urgency about this Full Moon, the mutable grand cross between Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces has conveniently repositioned its parameters since the sun moved out of step and Mercury, stationing direct, moved in sequence to fill the void.

Those planets... always moving, making music or cranky cacophony and always, continuous celestial patterns up above, beyond our reach or view.

As above, so below.

Moving on, the sense of urgency of the 29th degree will combine with that of the spiritually motivating grand cross, which, as you remember, inspired an urgency, or entitlement even, for movement, action, or otherwise initiating motion forward. These two instinctual urges, under the influence of a double whammy Full Moon event and Solstice sun... it'll be hard to control. Keep in mind that Gemini has ideas while Sagittarius inspires philosophies and beliefs. Put these two energies together and a moral responsibility has been charmed.

Now's the time, the time is now to ask yourself some important questions regarding your recent embraces with something larger than yourself:

  • how willing are you to sacrifice your personal issues, concerns, opinions, beliefs for the sake of the whole?; thereby in addition to avoiding superficial value judgements, especially in relation to physical beauty and your idea of it or society's warped idea of it?
  • are you using your time and energy to find creative and constructive ways to express your deepest feelings?, and thereby connecting with another/an other?
  • are you seizing the day, and the initiative-- to be daring and courageous- to become your own person?
  • do you realize that at this time you have a direct influence upon something or someone?
  • do you possess any preconceived ideas which are inevitably getting in the way of your self-assertiveness and staining your conscious feelings?

Beware of self doubt-- there will be no time for this now.

Your spiritual values will continue to be tested to further harness character and drive motivation, rewarding you with security and validation.

Whatever you're acting on now, add a smile and a smidge of charm and dazzle 'em with all you've got.

You've got this. Go get it.

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