New Moon in Cancer - July 2016

By Jamie VanZuuk

cancer new moon

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer will occur on July 4th, at 12°53" Cancer at 6:59pm EDT* and make connections to Pluto and to Neptune; Neptune has been arm wrestling with Saturn since earlier this year and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the year.

Allow me to delineate each of these events individually before I synthesize the larger picture for you.

New Moon events celebrate beginnings, and when both the sun and the moon celebrate within Cancer, home-- or your personal, however symbolic, refuge- is truly where new beginnings will begin, blossom, and beckon change.

With love. Through love. For love.


Cancer often swims in what becomes murkier waters, when the symbology of our home and origin becomes too easily blurred with the symbology of our children.

Allow me to deconstruct this merging:

As my own astrologer explained to me, Cancer represents the home-- and the family you"ve come from- while Leo moves on and represents a seeking outside of the home for joy, sport, and eventually a romantic interest; Virgo is work, both for employment and for making everything within the relationship you found in Leo function smoothly and dutifully; Libra is the joining of two lives, the relationship now being recognized legally, religiously, or otherwise before witnesses-- what we equivalate to marriage; Scorpio would be the house of children, birth, pregnancy, fertilization, and intercourse-- traditionally. Remember, much of our astrological origins are ancient, we do not necessarily live our lives out in this order today.

But, you can identify a pattern, yes?

The Cancerian energy is a tenacious one; it is where everything begins: clinging, possessive and unshakeable. This may be because the moon moves through each sign every month-- every single month!- and holds on to energies offered by each through the zodiacal circle. This cycle is habitual; habits tend to become functional with assistance and enabling when nurturing.

Cancer, and the moon, represent habits and routine.

Cancer is the moon. Cycles. Beginnings and endings.

Furthermore, our childhoods are found in Cancer, in the traditional 4th house; our familial roots, our earliest emotional and psychological memories. Those precious and pivotal developmental years which form and shape our understandings of how the world works and the trust we hold in those we love.

Or, emotional baggage and hurts that haunt.

But, even the worst childhood memories harbor and cling to a happy memory. A happier time. Hope.

It"s important to hold on to your memories. Unless, of course, they"re torturing you.

This New Moon event will emphasize your personal feelings and memories, your home and comforts, and your feelings about, and toward, the woman in your life-- your mother.


Not your own children, however, most definitely-- your own childhood and the memories you"ve held so tightly to over so many years.

The sun will shine light upon the feelings or memories which have been festering below shadows, and the healing needed will have the potential to transcend, moving through fears, guilt, and disappointments and in to the boundaries of love.

And all of the information you gathered at the Geminian New Moon last month can now be shared with loved ones, and expressed with gratitude.

Now, both the sun and the moon will make connections to Neptune, and through Neptune to Saturn; any dependency upon disappointments or disapproval that have grown comforting or that which you"re finding security through those/that won"t/can"t allow/tolerate/or accept your dreams will be broken or break.

My apologies for that last paragraph-- but that"s Neptune for you... sometimes it"s hard to navigate those waters of emotion to make much sense of them.

Likely, whatever healing you"re needing to do stems directly from wherever Saturn and Neptune are arm wrestling in your chart all year. And the New Moon in Cancer will expose these for you to allow for love, acceptance, and growth through pain and struggle.

For you, it could be estrangement, divorce, a void, a setback or delay, an addiction, a loss or grievance, or otherwise devastation created and perpetuated by guilt, worry, and disappointment.

As the sun works to expose your struggles, setbacks, and shadows, your potential to transform your outlook or mindset about these is urgent.

Remember, thoughts are things, now more than ever.

My advice is to be solution-focused.

Take the power of your pains and transform yourself from within by using your cracks to allow the light in.

Yes, such and such has happened to you-- and I am by no means taking your pain or experience lightly here- yet, despite your pain, you"ve become someone new through your experience.

And it"s up to you to choose who you are after your experience.

As the pain lifts, you become new. Reborn.

Why would you waste the opportunity holding on to who you used to be?

Now"s the time, the time is now to: let go.

Or be dragged...

Speaking of which--

Pluto stands in the corner backstage, watching all of your affairs play out and will either bully you-- or inspire in you- an extreme rebirth, a creative evolution, or an intense assertion of will to move beyond where you"ve grown stagnant, stuck, or sick and reach far and wide for your dreams.

And the presence of Pluto suggests the potentials of a greater good and will also indicate, particularly if you struggle with feelings of resentment or regret, that likely your family of origin, especially the mother, ultimately, though these may truly be the source, has nothing to do with the perpetuation of your pain if you"re adamantly unwilling to let go.

This New Moon event has everything to do with you.

Thoughts are things, folks. And you can change your life.

I realize that we all come from somewhere, and that sometimes, that somewhere has quite the hold. Yet, I also realize that, once removed from familiar faces and familiar traces... you"d be amazed by how comforting the unknown becomes.

If you"re unable to love yourself through Cancer, how will you celebrate yourself through Leo?

Let go of what holds you under water. Embrace the breaking of habits and enabling of memories that ultimately keep you from your goals and greatness.

Now"s the time, the time is now... to love. And let go.

*5:59pm CDT; 4:59pm MDT; 3:59pm PDT

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