Neptune Retrograde has started a month ago, on 13 June 2016 at 12 degrees Pisces and ends on 19 November 2016 at 9 degrees Pisces. Neptune goes retrograde every year and nearly for the half the year. So, what does it mean? Adam Sommer, a world-known astrologer gives a reply to this question in the amazing article below:

Neptune Retrograde “Slippery Fish”

If we could always be witness to the amount of unseen processes at play, our minds would probably melt. We would need some serious assistance to get all the essential contents back in there. For example, if we could actually observe the billions of organisms inside of us, keeping us together, it would be a challenge to take ourselves to seriously. Or if we could actually see another persons dreams, visions, or spirits hovering around their field, we may quickly become disinterested in watching the tv.

If our sensitivity were a little stronger, all of the time, and allowed us to actually feel and completely experience another persons suffering, I think it’s safe to say we would become nicer people, more selfless, empathetic, and giving. But, we can’t—at least not all of the time. There are strong (necessary) filters in place in our human form to block out these frequencies of input. These boundaries seem essential. Why? I dunno, ask god, or maybe Neptune knows. Saturn may know as well. The subtitles of such questions slide swiftly through my fingers, yet I’m comfortable with the fact that everything is actually perfectly placed.

Taking this boundless thought experiment and applying it to the sky, we learn that Neptune went retrograde. It does so every year, for nearly half the year. Same is true with all the outer planets. You may be thinking: “ Oh great, just what we need, another retrograde planet!.” “What does it mean?” To where I get to respond with a shrug of my shoulders. I don’t know.

Neptune Retrograde

I’ve closely watched outer planet retrogrades throughout my journey with Astrology, and have gleaned a handful of correlations along the way, yet, no different than the subtleties of some of the questions asked above, they just slide through my fingers. In my experience, it is the retrograde journeys of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) which grab my attention more, offering many more tangible gifts. And it’s not to say that there isn’t a cornucopia of intelligence to the outer planet Rx, it’s just that many of us lack the wiring to recognize their offerings. I may be one of them…

In my opinion, when a planet is retrograde, it does have a louder, clearer voice. It is closest to Earth (to us), and its influence gains strength—for better or worse. With Neptune, who will be retrograde until November 19th, we may expect:

    * Dreary deja vu. “ I’ve been here before, yet I don’t want to be.”
    * Visceral visions. The type which will restore your faith in Spirits.
    * Prophetic dreaming. Or, at least you feel like a prophet.
    * Invisible dreaming. Because you don’t remember. Is Ms. Cannabis stealing them?
    * Damn good day dreaming. The reason you allow her to steal your dreams.
    * Unconscious eruptions. Contents from the bottom of the abyss of your Psyche decide to say hello when you least expect it.
    * Alluring apathy. What’s the point?
    * Rapture. A taste of ecstasy within every cell. Every one of the billions of organisms inside of you will stop what they are doing in that electric moment, fall to their knees, and begin to pray and praise and cry within that luminous moment. You will feel good.

And on and on…

When Neptune is retrograde, it’s as subtle as the radio waves passing through you. Maybe you can feel it? Perhaps you have an inner antenna which allows you to pick up the signals, so you always have the radio on, but most of us, well, we are still held here by Saturn, who by the way, may be a more interesting study in relation to Neptune. They do square each other later in the week. Their 36 year cycle is much rarer than a Neptune retrograde, and has a little bit more to do with our dharma on this plane—the one we like to call reality. All in all, follow your heart with this stuff. Pay attention to what moves you and speaks your language. Build a structure for your epiphanies, a temple inside where all the good information resides, and you’ll be fine.

* The square dance between Saturn and Neptune is vital to get right. Find them in your chart. Understand their teachings deeply. Practice them. Dream with them. Envision those areas in their ideal state. Don’t you ever give up! If you need help, I’m here for you…..

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