Mercury in Leo “The Way of Language”

Mercury in Leo “Old Jay, loudmouth of the trees
Tell me the news”
-Swampy Cree Issac Greys

In Joan Halifax’s written journey through Buddhism and Tribal Wisdom, “The Fruitful Darkness,” she recounts a magical trip to the Pacific NW where she was part of a series of jam sessions with orcas. Amongst a wild troop of hippies, scientists, Tibetan Buddhists, and musicians whose goal was to study the orca’s songs and how they may respond to their own, they discovered many forgotten truths about language:

“Voices, guitar riffs, violin crescendos were broadcast underneath our vessel by large underwater amplifiers, and the songs of the large cetaceans, in harmony, reached back through underwater microphones…”

They were definitely responding! Yet, this animistic communion stretches up and down and all around in the natural world–not just with animals, pets, and those we would consider to be closer to us along the evolutionary path, but with rocks and elements as well. She tells a story of a boy at Thich Nat Han’s retreat center in France approaching her, and asking, “I hear you talk to rocks?” She smiled and told the boy, “Sometimes, I can hear their voices. Why? Who told you?” “The rocks told me.”

The world we live in is stranger than we can even suppose. It is made of language. It is alive. All of it! But many of us have forgotten this. We may go about our day talking to ourselves or talking into little black mirrors, but to talk to a rock….get out of here!? Why not though? Have you ever given it a try? There are ancient messages kept in mountains. The water veins of such ancient Buddhas have current messages as well. In fact, all of it is listening, ready to respond, all we need to do is open up the conversation.

And so, today, as Mercury frolics into Leo, reaching for the night sky after sunset, we may find that he and we are interested in such ideas. We may find ourselves regressing to a truer state of our youth, when we did walk the woods and have elaborate conversations with the trees, telling jokes to the beetles, listening to the mocking bird, getting tricks played on us. We may find ourselves possessed by a more playful tone in general, stuck in traffic, singing along shamelessly to Dave Matthews. And if you don’t find a more youthful tone to your voice and your usage of language, you’ve got some work to do. It’s all available to you, right now. Always has been, just more concentrated in the coming days.

With the Moon growing in Scorpio as well, we are gifted a shamanic tool to see deeper into the truths Mercury is slinging through these fingers and kept safe in tribal songs.

…Naturally, you can talk to Planets too! If you need help, I’m here for you…..

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