Mars in Scorpio “Post-Shadow Inspirations”

Mars in Scorpio

Mars may be in direct motion, yet the journey with our strength still has about a month until completion. Still in Scorpio, scraping away at the bottom of the barrels where we have stored all our fears and insecurities, hopefully, we have learned news ways of delegating with our demons.

In the first part of the journey (before the actual retrograde on April 17th, the pre-shadow) I noticed how all of the material we needed-through books, people, films, classes, traumatic experience-was placed in front of us. Hopefully, the inspiration caught hold.

In the second part of the journey, once Mars turned retrograde (April 17th until May 22nd “the peak” “the opposition with the Sun”) I witnessed most people “killin’ it,” really getting their stride, feeling strong, rejuvenated, and resilient. But that changed swiftly after the Sun/Mars opposition, showing perhaps why we were needing to cultivate the extra strength. Also, up until Mars stationed direct (June 29th), there seemed to have been a collective lethargy, where we were somewhat running on fumes.

In the third part of the journey, while Mars was still retrograde, heading towards his station on June 29th, he dropped back into Scorpio from Sagittarius. This is where the content in our shadows really sprouted. With the assistance from the Solstice Sun, they grew, and we faced them with our growing willingness to make treatise with the starving ghosts inside. It was not easy, but we made it through.

Now, we are in the final stage of the Mars journey, where he revisits all the degrees traversed 2x (direct and retrograde) finalizing the transmutation. Still in Scorpio, moving into Sag the first week of August, not completing the story until he visits Saturn at the end of August, we should be feeling inspired. New found resilience to life problems. A novel familiarity to what lurks in our shadows. A clarity of where we are going and where we want to point the Will. Healthier and happier, we smile with confidence as we move forward….but again, it’s still not complete.

Last week, the Moon caught up with Mars in Valley of the Shadow of Death, trying to keep stride with his supernatural pace. She is sensitive to his teachings. Through her, we should get a clear sensation of how far we have come over the past months. The conversation has lots to do with inspiration around our insecurities. So…what’s yours? Who has been a major influence on you in the Mars Journey. Who has acted as a flame in your eye, a whistle from the sidelines, an awakener of the iron in your blood?

The article is written by Adam Sommer, one of our most popular contributors here on DMAstro. Adam is a full-time astrologer, writing and podcasting, giving readings and teaching to open minds all across the planet!

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