Full Moon in Capricorn - July 2016

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Capricorn

The upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn will occur tomorrow, July 19th at 6:56pm EDT* at 27°40’ with the sun in Cancer opposing the moon in Capricorn while Uranus in Aries connects to both, forming a T-Square in the sky, pointing toward a void in Libra. Mars will also make a connection to both the sun and the moon, adding an urgency and an impatience to the already rebellious energies of Uranus’ influence.

    Something needs done... and it needs done now-- WAIT!

T-square patterns are difficult, especially in cardinality, as this energy prompts you to frantically want/need to do everything all at once while very little actually gets done as a result, or, contrarily, most everything you rushed to do requires a redo after the transit moves on.

This Full Moon is also known traditionally as the "Buck Moon", as it is this time in the year that male deer begin to sport antlers.

    This Full Moon event offers a celestial opportunity to begin... to grow... to move onward, forward, freely.

This said, changes in your personal appearance, diet or self-esteem can lead you onward now, forward, freely to a brave new world.

Keep this in mind as you think you need to rush: Nature never frets or frenzies, yet, everything always gets done.

Moving on, Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal elements in the zodiac, as are Aries and Libra.

Cardinal energies are expressed by initiating, beginning, pioneering, moving forward, and all in the very spirit of movement.

The cardinal signs start things... not always knowing how to go about continuing what they’ve started or finishing what they’ve started. Yet, they go on beginning. Initiating. Moving onward and forward.

    This Full Moon event is calling out a need for decision, a strategy, but also for safely, rationally weighing your decisions and practicing patience until future action is deemed appropriate.

I mentioned above, Uranus, the planet of surprise and the unexpected, lingers nearby, making aspects to the moon, the sun, and to Mars.

As if you need more urgency!

    This is a celestial opportunity to use these energies to your benefit

Uranian energy should inspire for you a warning: to act with caution and patience as your initiative evokes the courage necessary to eventually make the right choice and act on it, as the Full Moon wanes on.

Uranian energy also, especially when Mars is involved, offers an increasing tension physically when things don’t happen as quickly as you want.

Don’t let this fool you. Or push you around.

Mars expresses action while Uranus expresses rebellion and spontaneity. But Libra-- holding the void firmly in place from the T-Square- Libra prefers to weigh out options, balance evenly all of the pro’s and cons, and lose sleep idealizing over an impossible equilibrium.

You see the conundrum.

    GO, GO, GO--


This very necessary process further increases tension to the critical climax point-- from which you are likely able to SNAP!, behave rashly and abrasively and spitefully, allow your ego to do your bidding and quickly, aggressively make a half-witted but overly adrenalized decision.

*deep sigh*

Feel better?

We’ll see.

A decision does need to be made.

A decision which may not be the best decision to make while enduring adrenalin and rage and had you counted to ten and weighed the pro’s and cons out...

We’ll see.

It is important to understand as you navigate yourself through these energies that, regardless of how impatient you become, you simply avoid acting out just to cause a stir.

Your ego will want you to make a mess, be selfish, and rebel out of spite... this is your opportunity to override these urges and practice patience. Remain calm. And be conscious of your strength in each moment. I promise you: this, too, will pass.

Finally, with Cancerian energy needing us to keep focus on home, our current inner experiences, and/or family matters, Capricornian energy demands that we keep our sights ahead and upon matters affecting our careers, ambitions, or professional goals. These opposing energies, naturally, will create tension and stressed circumstances.

Again, another conundrum.

Likely these are the issues you’ll be impatiently counting to ten before acting on.

It’s fine to go solo in your decision, but remember: you’re very likely not the only one who will endure the consequences of your choice.

*5:56pm CDT; 4:56pm MDT; 3:56pm PDT

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