Uranus Retrograde and His Inevitable Changes

By Jamie VanZuuk

Uranus Retrogarde

You’re on the edge of something really, really big...

Very different from what you know or have ever experienced.

Tomorrow evening, Uranus will station at 24° Aries to begin moving retrograde on Saturday.

Uranus is the planet of surprise, rebellion and independence.

Many of you Aries folks out there may feel this trigger a bit more, and also you fellow fire signs, Leo and Sadge, and perhaps you Librans-- patience now, especially for you- will not come easily, by any means.

This said, however, retrograde movement suggests that these triggers should be used inwardly, allowing for any restructuring necessary within the confining and tightly wound parameters of your mindset, any emotional baggage you have yet to dispose of, or toward an actual game plan to act on in December, when Uranus stations direct again.

Uranian transits are intense and radically transformational. Whatever needs uprooted will be, in a surprising fashion, of course.

Uranus expresses action through personal freedom, though when retrograde, it is best to keep still and plan for movement once moving directly again.

In taking my suggestion of waiting, however impatiently, and taking advantage of rebellious, inward change over outward rebellion you will not only become frustrated but even potentially-- and physically- tense. Tense, as if electricity is coursing through your veins. Yes, my friends, this is the power of Uranus. Just a friendly warning to you fire signs, or those of you otherwise experiencing a major Uranian transit. No biggie. This, too, shall pass.

Take note of what triggers you until December: what sets you off?, what sets you apart from a group?, in what ways do you seek to be on your own? And why?

What in your life is changing, or needs changing, and will soon never, ever be the same?

Are you forcing the situation? Is the situation forcing you?

Are you trying to keep peace or stay the same?-- how’s that working for you?!

If you’re feeling the tugs and pangs of impatience and fuming frustration, it’s likely that you’re in a place that you would like to flee from, stand apart from, or navigate yourself through in extreme or unorthodox ways. Or, you’re at a point in your path where you know in your heart that you can no longer keep on in the same pace, direction, or scenery.

And this is fine.

Uranus reminds us that we’re alive!

Every choice we make changes us.

Staying the same for too long becomes too comfortable, and when we’re too comfortable we begin to lack in those handy survivalist traits, such as creativity, courage, and curiosity.

So Uranus bounds in and shakes up the scene. Veers us off path. Offers, ultimately, a change. Excitement. Allows for some much needed moxie.

And freedom is the reward if we’re curious enough to play along.

Of course, this excitement comes with struggle.

Those around you may not be privy to these changes and further, may not support you or inspire these radical preferences you so impatiently insist upon. Do not let this discourage you. In a burdensome way, this, too, is an opportunity for those you love to trust you, trust in you, and to trust your choices, however spontaneous or extreme they may be. And of course, how contrary they may be to their preferences.

Saturn makes a connection to Uranus now, and provides much needed support to my argument about impatience above, as Saturn will surround you with countless reasons to be a bit more patient and cautious than Uranus usually allows or you’ll find yourself needing to be that much more responsible for past mistakes or current chaos.

Or, if you’d rather manuveur impatiently, you’ll swiftly realize the mess you’re creating. And it will be that much more of an effort to clean it up.

However, whatever confinement you’re seeking freedom from-- by December, you’ll understand more clearly how to go about gaining access to it.

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