Mars Moves Back To Sagittarius: Let the Light In Through Your Darkness

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Sagittarius

Back on March 6th, Mars moved in to Sagittarius only to station retrograde on April 17th and move backward in to Scorpio. For what feels like a very, very long time, and we’ve all been experiencing the wrath of this. Mars stationed direct in Scorpio on June 29th. Now, coming up, onAugust 3rd, Mars will move back in to Sagittarius from Scorpio.

But we won’t feel the shadow lifted-- from both his retrograde phase or his vengeance through Scorpio- until August 22nd.

And then, and only then, does forward movement officially begin.

The clouds will part as the sun comes out forevermore...

In March, Mars offered only a glimpse of what to expect through his retrograde phase as he pointed an arrow to a target while so quickly in Sagittarius, an arrow which would indeed hit the mark, though in the darkest depths of Scorpio, and through our most vulnerable and sanctioned depths of privacy or protected places.

Scorpio in our chart represents what we hold sacred, what we wish to empower, and how we protect what’s ours. And when Mars storms through this sector, a sign which holds him most powerful and most revered, he is particularly both influential, and threatening.

Because what we hold sacred we fear losing.

What we empower, potentially, could overpower us.

And this is what Mars does. Powers through.

Mars in our chart represents how we cope, how we defend ourselves, and where our strengths lie.

In March, you were hit with an arrow, wherever Scorpio is in your chart, and whether you know your chart or not, I’ll take a stab and guess that you know exactly where that arrow hit.



And it still hurts.

You may still be bleeding.

Now, with Mars moving back in to Sagittarius, will your wound fester, or heal?

You know how a scab will begin to itch, which is its own kind of torture, but this is how your body tells you that the scab is healing?-- that’s how it’ll feel. It’ll itch. But then it’ll heal.

And because it was a Scorpio inflicted wound-- it’ll scar.

You’ll always remember the Spring of 2016.

For those of you with favorable placements through this retrograded phase of Mars, you’re likely not covering any wounds, scabs, or scars. But, rather, you’ve been boasting an empowered ego. Step slowly, my friends, as pride always comes before fall. You’re not out of the desert yet.


Either way, Sagittarius is the sign of hope.

Likely, what the universe was trying to communicate with you through Mars, and Scorpio, despite whether this transit, for you, was favorable or not was a matter of empowering your weakest points.

To toughen up.

To hold tight and really think and feel your way through matters such as pain, karma, retribution, and deception.

To hold sacred something within/about you that you, or others, consider to be vulnerable, or weak, or dark.

Sagittarius seeks to know what others think, see. And Sagittarius glorifies the differences between people. It is, after all, the unique differences between me and you that empower each of us, that bring us, ultimately, together. And it is Sagittarius that inspires those who have no voice to learn to speak, and to speak up!

Re-assess your current projects, feelings, or actions and reflect on your approach to getting what you want, and whether that approach works for you, or not. Once Mars moves beyond that shadow point, for example, it could be a new beginning in swapping out your old approach for a new one. One that’s less abrasive and more open to suggestion from others. Or, leaving a situation or relationship which no longer serves your best interests or higher visions.

Moving on, instead, to being more in tune with what you stand for.

Perhaps Mars conjured your demons to come out, to be exposed from the darkness and to shine in to the light, vulnerable and naked, alone.

Perhaps you’ve had to own up to your demons, to side with them or once and for all turn from them.

Perhaps you’ve earned whatever scars you’re living with.

In Sagittarius, none of this matters; what will your scars teach others? How will your demons inspire goodness? Who are you now?

Now’s the time, the time is now to let the light in through your darkness.

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