New Moon in Leo - August 2016

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon will occur on August 2nd at 10°57’ Leo at 4:44pm EDT and as the moonless afternoon sky grows to a moonless evening sky above you, you must remember the brightness within, that your light always shines.

Leo and the sun are thick as thieves, as the sun is Leo’s planetary ruler, and the sun shines, despite the clouds, the rain, or the fog. That is what the sun does-- it shines.

The sun, for each and every one of us, is a very necessary life force energy; the sun is light, the sun is illumination, the sun is hope. There is not one of us out there that could imagine a life without the sun. Yes, I understand that there are some extreme circumstances where just that had been forsaken, though, each example I can think of is not a positive one. Lacking in life. Dismal, at its most extreme.

The sun, astrologically, represents our core. Our essence. Our Self. Our ego. Astrology, specifically, is a very ego-centered study, as it is, each of the planets orbit around our sun, around us. Everything is always happening, to us.

The sun rises and sets each day and night, from our perspective here on earth, providing life, daylight, and thus exposing our fears from the night before in a creative and realistic way.

I’m a firm believer of an inner light.

I was raised on an idea of hope, and that if one possesses this, there need not be any worry otherwise. Leo, and the sun, embody this philosophy. It is a very proud philosophy yes, though, my dad and I share a Leo moon, so, I suppose this is rather appropriate. I tell folks and friends alike that I am stupidly optimistic, mostly because, for me, there are no other options. And I can’t imagine a world where I would be alone in this thought. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one...

The sun, in our chart, symbolizes who we are and what we strive to become.

I often hear, much to my dismay, folks stating firmly that they’re a Taurus or a Pisces, so "[I] can be stubborn" or "nomadic" where, for me, I embrace these examples as hurdles to overcome rather than a definitive excuse for conduct.

We all have our own unique obstacles and challenges to overcome in this life we have selected to live, obstacles which should be worked on as meticulously as our dreams. Our hopes. Our horizons.

This said, a Taurean could definitely have some difficulty in loosey-goosey decisions or letting go of firmly held belief systems or even trying to see another perspective, foreign from their own. And this is fine. Again, this, to me, is a celestial opportunity to challenge oneself. If stubbornness is an impediment, most importantly, to exercise some creative manuveuring. Nomadic? Patiently practice consistency. Allow for roots. Somewhere.

If it’s not your impediment, by all means... enjoy your stubbornness, your nomadic experience.

I realize I’m rambling a smidge. My apologies. I do, however, seek only to expose you, dear reader, with as much information as I’m able to responsibly provide, as it is exactly that which I see as my duty.

To learn, to inspire.

It is my delight.

Dr Marc Edmund Jones assigned this very word for 11° Leo and this degree finds a very favorable connection with Saturn when the New Moon event occurs, suggesting that, should we maintain our merriment through even the toughest of times-- we will overcome.

We will, once more, rise.

We will have our day.

And after all of my rambling, dear reader, what I wish for you to take with you is this: enjoy yourself, be your own delight, always.

As the stars twinkle on, up above our awed and flawed human concerns, may you remember your own light through the darkness. Through the "black construction paper night" as I’ve once heard it referred to... be your own light.


*3:44pm CDT; 2:44pm MDT; 1:44pm PDT

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