Saturn Stations Direct: a Burden or an Opportunity?

by Jamie VanZuuk

Saturn Direct

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We see what we want to see.
We either see opportunity or burden.
And thems the brakes, folks.

We see what we want to see because sometimes, that’s all we’re ready to see, or all we know how to see.

And sometimes, it’s because we’re too consumed to look deeper.

Depending upon how your last four months have treated you or, how you’ve received the last four months, rather, depends largely upon how available you are to progress.

Some folks prefer to stay the same, however impossible that is. Others embrace the chaos. Others still choose to deal, right? To settle. To be amused with distraction while being reeled through the reality. Others still become the change itself.

Each of these choices enjoys opportunity the others cannot provide while each, as bountiful, creates pain and burden a different approach would deter. How we choose to visualize our choices, see our circumstances, and find insight through our results determines our mood, our frame of mind, our potential to invite future opportunities, or to bask in the burden of bullsh*t.

How willing are you to don the "denouement of domestic drama"?

As Saturn stations direct at 9° Sagittarius, you are being given a celestial green light for what you cannot yet comprehend.

As Saturn stations direct you must approach what is failing, what is falling, and what has floundered and either strengthen these foundations or fastidiously and forwardly move past that which keeps you down.

As Saturn stations direct you must understand that gratitude can appreciate all that you have, but also, and sometimes more importantly, all that you don’t.

By August 23rd, Mars and Saturn, now both moving forward, will connect, still at 9° Sagittarius, and you have this time in between to reassess your approach to that which you cannot control, and to that which you do, and to repair what is broken, to resolve from the experience what you can.

I wouldn’t recommend regaining anything lost; consider yourself lighter, and more resilient, for what is in store for you by the end of the year. Why would you weigh yourself down intentionally? It’s only the idea that outside forces and the powers that be made the decision for you. Stretching your comfort and stifling your say.

Be honest with yourself: what were you planning to do with all that unnecessary weight anyhow?

Marc Edmund Jones assigned a keyword to each degree of the zodiac. The keyword in this particular transit climax-- is REWARD.

Is yours a burden, or an opportunity?

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