Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and is the brightest planet we can observe. She is named after the Roman goddess of beauty, equivalent to the Greek Aphrodite. Astrologically, she is ruling beauty and pleasure, thus being responsible for a lot of things connected with happiness. Indeed, her placements and influences can bring a lot of joy and success; nevertheless she can also lead to overindulgence in luxuries and comforts.

Venus is ruling love and affection, attraction and harmony. She brings tenderness and pleasure, being responsible for all the small things that make us happy and smiling. She is rather sweet and promotes unions, such as relationships and marriages. Venus has strong feminine energy, being the exact opposite from Mars. Whatever is beautiful and catches our eye, whatever brings us a desire to observe it or claim it for ourselves, is governed by Venus.

Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. Diurnal Venus is considered the ruler of Taurus, while nocturnal of Libra.  In addition, Venus is responsible for the 2ndand 7thhouses, and makes a full circle around the zodiac in approximately 1 year (it always depends on when it has its retrograde motion). We always observe her somewhere near the Sun, as her orbit is closer to it than the Earth’s. She spends around one month in every sign, preceding or following the Sun’s movement. Once per 18 months, Venus gets retrograde for about 6 weeks. She is exalted in the sign of Pisces, in fall and weak in Virgo, while operates rather difficultly in Aries and Scorpio where she is in detriment.

The passage of the planet through any house brings positivity and empowers the life matters connected to it. Of course, these transits do not last long; yet their positive influences can fill our life with the necessary happiness that brightens up our moments and days. On the other hand, transits of slow-moving planets to natal Venus can signify long-lasting changes concerning how we experience affection towards people, objects and situations.

Venus rules the arts, glamour and luxury. She is the governor of everything that is shiny. The jewel you like to wear, the sculpture you like to admire, all small things you love are ruled by this benefic. The strong feminine energy of the planet makes it also rule women, and connects it with beauty. All activities that promote beauty are outcomes of the placements and movements of Venus. The beauty industry, no matter if we speak about clothes, hair, nails or make-up is the realm of this warm planet.

A strong Venus by placement can make even men expel a lot of feminine energy, without this necessarily signifying different sexual preferences than the ordinary. Yet, the planet has a lot to do with sexuality, and especially with the passive part of it. It rules the way we are viewed and desired by others, and makes us the prey that awaits to be conquered. Venus is connected with the soft part of sexuality, thus representing romance and flirting. Her energy is quite seductive and harmonious, making sexual attraction an harmonious dance of unification.

Venus is the inner power that will make you become more attractive, the force that will drive you get a haircut and buy new clothes. Of course, she can also be responsible for obsessions concerning beauty. Difficult aspects to Venus may show overspending, a greed for luxurious life and generally misuse of her gifts. She rules tenderness and the mixture of sex with art.

All decoration, jewels and objects of beauty are under the planet’s governance, as also the art of their usage. Thus, artists, dancers and performers are also ruled by the planet. Generally, all professions that are connected with creating beauty from the human body or from objects are a part of the Venusian realm.

Due to her connection with the 2ndhouse, the planet governs the money, while also anything else that is considered as a personal possession. In addition, the fact that it rules the 7thhouse makes Venus responsible for marriages, unifications and all long-term relations, even if they are strictly of a business nature.

As a planetary force, Venus requires from us to relax ourselves and indulge in the gifts of life. Whoever is more receptive to the planet’s energy will eventually have larger benefits from her, and will enjoy them more. Those who tune in with her frequencies will be will attract even more wealth and happiness through her. Indeed, when we keep our body beautiful or are connected with the arts and the happy aspects of life, we shine more. This in turn brings us other pleasant people and situations in our lives. Not caring about our personal attraction, or activities that involve the warm rays of Venus eventually makes us less desired and happy.

Every individual should research his natal Venus placement in order to understand better her functions. We should be extra careful to not misuse her gifts. Any problems connected to her include undervaluation of other life areas and overindulgence in pleasant things. Usually, happiness does not last for long, and by abandoning our responsibilities for plain hedonism can cause quite a lot of problems later. The house where Venus is natally located should be examined better, so that we see what kind of gifts she can grant them and which life areas can be empowered.

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