Full Moon in Aquarius - August 2016

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Aquarius

At 5:26am EDT* Thursday morning the moon will oppose the sun at 25°52’, introducing this season’s Aquarius Full Moon event.

Both the moon and the sun will make a connection to Uranus, the planet of surprise and unexpected circumstances, and that is all, making these connections that much more dramatic. Meanwhile, the Virgo stellium continues to oppose Neptune, Neptune continues to arm wrestle Saturn, and Saturn keeps the mutable t-square opposite a void in Gemini... blah blah blah, right!? It’s all I ever talk about anymore!

So, with everything staying the same, why is everything changed/changing!?

Things have been changing for awhile now, or, at least they should be.

If you’re resisting these changes, I’ll guarantee that you’re having a much harder time with, well, everything.

What makes these evolving changes that much more personally satisfying is this Full Moon event. Aquarius aims to finish what was started, to perfect what was prepared haphazardly, to prove possible what was shunned, doubted, or unsupported. Virgo perfects the beginnings of things, Aquarius finishes things-- perfectly.

See, Virgo remains a personal sign, representing the adult of the zodiac, standing for accountability, selflessness, and perfection while Aquarius falls under the impersonal signs, representing the need for the adult-like maturity throughout humanity as a whole. Virgo will pinpoint and categorize the details and recognize the one outlier in thousands of examples of data while Aquarius will strategically gather all of these details in to an argument, or a conclusion, and ultimately, justify the outlier.

So, much of this t-square background noise between idealistic Neptune and "reality check" Saturn, especially now with the Virgo stellium pinpointing each and every detail out and insisting upon its relevancy... much of this may sporadically or spontaneously come together for you now. If you think like an Aquarian would, by thinking outside of the box, and seeing the forest through Virgo’s trees, this might reveal more relevancy than you thought possible.

Aquarius’ modern ruler is Uranus, highlighting this relevancy idea a bit more, as Uranus, too, wants only for you to see your reality in new light, brighter light, and to forsake all crippling institutions, deny any stifling of creativity or originality, and to refuse anything less than what you’ve envisioned. The Virgo stellium will want you to nitpick and weigh the pro’s and con’s very very carefully with this but Aquarius, being fixed in nature and therefore stubborn as hell, will insist you stand firm-- realistically, of course- and stand your ground; to gain exactly what you have earned.

Virgo creates order through the chaos.

But Aquarius restores the chaos.

Basically-- because we need it to survive.

Aquarius understands-- and really, kind of enjoys- chaos. Again, Uranus too, gets it. It’s what Uranian energy does: it introduces chaos to wake us up.

You all know an Aquarius-- these folks know everyone!- what does your Aquarian friend do when life hands them lemons?

They don’t make simple lemonade, because anyone could do that.

Your Aquarian friend adds the vodka, the lavender syrup and then juices a pear.

Aquarius says, "lemons?-- I’ll cheers to that!"

If you’ve run in to problems, become shoved in a corner, or are blocked, stopped, or otherwise hesitated by potential lemons, this Full Moon event may provide the shake up necessary to not only make lemonade, but offer the vodka, too.

If you’re sitting pretty at this point and already on your second round, try embracing whatever introduces itself. What’s the harm?-- you don’t prefer lavender?

I suggest that it’s time to think outside the box.

Just think of allllllll the things you could do with lemons...

Cheers to that.

4:26am CDT; 3:26am MDT; 2:26am PDT

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