Virgo Season

By Jamie VanZuuk

Sun in Virgo

Ah, Virgo. The sun will move from Leo to Virgo on Monday, adding focus and emphasis to an already busy sector of the sky, asking us to set our sights upon what feeds us, what sustains us, what makes life make sense.

The sign of the virgin peasant represents agriculture and all things living, depicted by Demeter, or Ceres, Persephone’s mother. We all know the tale of Persephone, and if you do not, do look it up, it’s a good one.

Virgo, at one time in history, was even associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our blessed virgin is found in the sky, in between Leo in the west and Libra to the east, winged and holding wheat, with Spica its brightest star.

Spica, Latin for "ear of grain", became associated with fertility, and is the sixteenth brightest star in the night sky.

Virgo happens to be the second-largest constellation in the sky. With 26 known exoplanets orbiting around 20 stars in this constellation, Virgo has more known exoplanets than any other constellation.

Virgo, along with Aquarius as the Waterbearer, is symbolized by a female figure, therefore representing life, giver of life, health, and potential.

The giving of life holds heavy burdens, so Virgo rules the abdomen, intestines and central nervous system for worry, and the spleen. These areas of the human body are connected with nervous instabilities, stomach and bowl irritability and ulcers. It has been said that Virgo males often suffer from various issues with their sex organs, in addition to the various nervous tendencies a retribution, as the male does not actually carry the life for the duration of nine months. Also, the delicacy of the Virgoan stomach insists upon proper diet and better than adequate hygiene upkeep.

The sacred virgin is meticulous and precise, patient and above all-- conservative, in all manners of the word. The earthy elements of her nature add practicality, reliability, and harshness to this list. Mercury represents Virgo in the zodiac, providing a very keen analytical detail to an otherwise tedious array of perfectionistic tendencies. Virgo’s mutability offers the natural openness to curiosity, but also to the high likelihood of worry.

Just as Nature herself is known to be harsh, cold, and unforgiving, so too, is the Virgin; justice is not always just, we reap what we sow, an eye for an eye...

Virgo, being governed by Mercury, the planet of ambisexuality, is often stifled by the otherwise naturalness of romantic exchanges or fleeting flirtation. Mercury was the messenger, not the lover. Not ever the lover, he was the prankster, the troublemaker. Sometimes, for me, it is difficult to imagine why Mercury was assigned to Virgo, the giver of life, when Mercury had always been asexual. That being offered, Virgo does not represent romance or romantic love-- that’s Leo, but necessary fertility, fertility, as in what’s necessary for growth, and I would even go as far as to suggest an institutionalized method of doing so, as a farmer now plants his crops.

Methodically. Mechanically. These are Virgoan in nature.

Virgo is not the sign to feel through anything, but is, rather, the sign to work through anything.

Virgo does not lack feelings. Not at all. Virgo simply does not fully understand the depths of their own feelings nor understands completely how to work through them.

And this, my friends, is their ultimate task. Crisis, if you will.

As a philosopher begs the answers to the meaning of life, Virgo begs the same, and like the philosopher, sometimes misses the point altogether.

Like with Nature, and with Life, sometimes it just is. We cannot know why.

And this is where the swiftness and cold precision of Mercury come in, without feeling but bold with realness: it simply is.

Life definitely has its tricks. But we continue on. We do what we can to work through it or we fall.

Above all, all life is sacred. And it always holds the answers.

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