Long-Expected Mars and Saturn Conjunction

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars Saturn Conjunction

Tomorrow, Mars and Saturn finally connect in conjunction at the exact degree of 9°53’ Sagittarius a little after 7am EDT* within the traditional 9th house of personal philosophies and expanded horizons.

We’ve been waiting for this conjunction. Very patiently, yes!?


When Mars, the planet of action and go, go, go collides with Saturn, the planet of slow, slow, slow, well... I think you would all agree, dear readers, we’re in this together. For the long haul.

Whether it’s within your traditional 9th house, your actual 9th house or the house Mars and Saturn are moving through in your own chart, you are feeling something big, something really important, something you have an authority over or hold an obligation to. You have a heavier responsibility now, much more than you remember holding before. Can you even remember a "before"? Either way, your horizons, they are expanding and your future? Better grab some shades.

Marc Edmund Jones assigned a keyword to each degree of the zodiac, and this degree points to "reward".

I find this rather appropriate, considering that old father Saturn offers just that when we’ve earned it, but-- and this is extremely crucial- you must work very hard to earn this reward.

Sometimes it takes the gumption and the gusto of Mars to power through. With some inspired stamina to keep on keepin on, and the energy to follow through, to be as disciplined as the endeavor we’re called upon to accomplish requires us to be. Opportunity often looks like work, as they say. Saturn would agree.

In this case, opportunity looked a lot like struggle, effort, potential loss and start over, as well as much more responsibility than ordinary, and, quite possibly-- oh-my-what-have-I-done or why-haven’t-I-done-this-yet!?

This was a tricky transit, as Mars becomes bored and quickly diverts focus to something else, something more fun, and whatever endeavor called out for you was likely not fun.

Necessary? Probably.
Productive? Likely.
Fun? No.

Your stamina was stifled, your motivation mocked, and any discipline you did hold was frequently delayed or distracted. Mars didn’t want to mess with your endeavor.

Saturn doesn’t take "no" very well. Or, at all.

The more frustrated you became, the more difficult everything grew to be, with exhaustive and depleting resources, messing with both your mind and body.

Not fun.

Whatever your endeavor was/is, and if you are pushing through in a diligent way at a healthy pace then you are likely building much character, as they say, and you’ll be a better person for it in the long run. You’ll see some relief here as these two forces collide and after Mars clears his path and is able to finally push forward, past Ole grumpy Saturn, you’ll see manifestations of all of your hard work, sweat, and possibly-- tears.

If you failed to follow through with your endeavor, out of impatience, frustrations, or otherwise inability to do what was needed of you, you will likely lack the building tools you would have acquired by struggling your way through it. You’ll notice these effects, if not right away, then by the time Mars moves on enough to make its next square aspect to Saturn, in around January of 2017.

Depending upon your personal chart, these pangs of protest may not have began pounding until recently, or, you’ve been feeling them since March-- either way- any little bit of push, progress, or preface you’ve embraced is better than none at all.

And, as always, embracing even the hard stuff makes it easier to deal with than fighting it.

Give it a little time-- remember, you’re dealing with Saturn- and prepare for your reward. You’ve earned it.

*a little after 6am CDT; 5am MDT; 4am PDT

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