Unforgettable New Moon in Virgo: Beginnings, Hopes and Fears

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Virgo

Where is Virgo in your chart?

The last time a solar eclipse fell in Virgo was in September of 2006 and then again in 2007.

Look back to those times in your life.

Think of it as an experiment-- likely these times were of practical transition for you.

In other words, what sector of your life was ignited and inspired before the autumn season those years?

Where was the necessary groundwork required before the inevitable burst of creative conclusion?

Remember, where Virgo is represents where you need to be of service or fulfill a duty, be it spiritually or in practicality. Virgo, in your chart, shows where there’s a sense of healthy functioning, as well as a craving to make sense of something. But most importantly, where Virgo is is where you are drawn and determined to use what you have to create something better.

The Virgo New Moon occurs on September 2nd,at 9°21’ Virgo around 9am UT* directly opposing Neptune and thereby becoming, once more, a part of the t-square between Neptune and Saturn. This should definitely be a New Moon you remember, whether you heed the celestial suggestions or ignore them... you’ll remember. And both your memories of the New Moon and it’s ramifications thereof will phase on until this time next year.

The t-square between Neptune and Saturn has been concentrated through much of the year within efforts to keep you down, to further your fears and to condition the confusion abound. By the 10th of September, the final conjunction between these two will be working these same limiting energies in your life, however this time, by concentrating your sights upon what is just around the corner, just out of reach, just up ahead.

And this is a celestial opportunity for hope.

You understand that eclipses are celestial markings of beginnings; new outlooks, new opportunities, new lessons, new potentials, new friends.


The Virgo stellium, though dissolving, has been insisting you gather your goals, and all of your details, and all of the duties in between that your goals require in order to process, implement, and prioritize in an effort to be prepared for your next step.

So here it is-- your next step.

Are you ready?

Do expect a smidge of the unexpected, and possibly even cameos from experiences in your past due to the retrograde in such close range to this double feature event.

Either way, your next step is to develop now a healthy mindfulness.

A mindfulness toward your goal, toward who you wish to become, toward what you feel you must fulfill, serve, or function through.

Hope is one thing. But mindfulness is essential, too.

Visualization is effective. Intention is mighty powerful.

Thoughts are things, folks-- I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to preach it- because taking your mind and your hope to a place that it can conceive a possibility... that it is true, that it can be done, boy, look out...

If fear is no longer holding you back, what is?

*UT: Universal Time

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