New Inspirations of Jupiter in Libra

By Jamie VanZuuk

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter, our closest gas giant, our planet of expansion, wider horizons, and good fortune is moving from virtuous and mental-minded Virgo to the lucky loveliness of Libra, with all of its charm and manners come, too, an indecision and battling of the balancing of good with evil on a daily basis.

Jupiter moves in to Libra September 9th and remain here until October of 2017.

Jupiter was in detriment while under the mercurial energies of Virgo, which is a term astrologers use to explain the constraining energies causing further limitations in effectiveness to the planet in detriment.

For example, Jupiter is optimistic, always finding a way, and Virgo can easily think of a handful of reasons for any given situation why optimism and blind faith is not the best method of approach.

So, for the last two years, things like reorganization, medicine, organic practices of all kinds, research, decompartmentalizing, and any numerous educative methods in technical fields have widened their scope, their stretch, their reach in hopes of expansion and follow through, overall effectiveness and the happily ever after. While these best laid plans were likely well thought out, with each and every painful detail appropriately considered, Virgo held Jupiter’s charms at arms length, therefore limiting these otherwise easy tactics to more methodical, drawn out processes.

Does that make sense?

Mercury cuts Jupiter’s enthusiasm down at the knees. Still, things are looking up.

Venus, on the other hand, Libra’s ruler, has much in common with the friendly gas giant and will likely accommodate many plans with a hopeful outlook and visionary romance. Poetic justice, truly. When Venus and Jupiter dance, we’re all seduced, for better or worse.

Venus represents things like love, aesthetics, and relationships; finances, pleasure, and marriage; fashion, drama, the elite. Venus advocates growth, as Jupiter does, and bountiful abundance. The happily ever after idea in the storybooks epitomizes these two planets when in support of the other. You’ll likely find these areas of your life doubling, expanding, growing, or at the very least: beginning.

Remember, Jupiter is our planet of opportunity. Abundance.

Jupiter in Libra will stand for-- and therefore make grand efforts toward- expanding, supporting, or dramatizing issues involving the mind and ideas, questions and the questioning of endless amounts of issues, social media and socialization in general, the way we communicate and share, social justice, and differences within and between sexuality, societal laws, cultures, religions, and personal philosophies... you get the idea.

Regardless of where Jupiter is in your chart, transiting Jupiter is moving from one sign to another, perhaps even from one house to another in your personal chart, and either way-- you’ll notice these shifts. Shall I say, on a charmingly grand scale!? *wink*

Jupiter is, however, also the planet of risk-taking without reservation of repercussion, so, we wouldn’t flirt too carelessly with any of the issues offered above, as there may be issues that flair up that could blur the lines in ethics as Venus and Jupiter play footsie under the table.

Travel, especially to foreign lands, will be inspired and enlightening, especially when traveling with your love or in groups. In fact, you may notice an overload of social contacts in your phone, whether you travel or not, and these folks you meet through this optimistic transit will feel as charmed to meet you as you feel about meeting them.

These folks you meet will likely have their own, and possibly varied-- or even opposing- views about the issues listed above, however, these very differences will bring you together and assist in maintaining the respect you feel for one another because you’ve met under humane circumstances, in a shared experience.

They say not to ever judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes... you’ll be wearing many shoes in the next two years. Some will be too small, others will fall off. You might even have to rough it barefoot at times. But the stories you get to tell and the complaints you harbor and the beliefs you hold will all be a bit different than had you just taken the situation at face value.

They’ll be educated, that much more experienced, and ultimately, genuinely eclectic.

And you’ll be a better human for it.

It’s what Venus and Jupiter inspire.

Go on now, smile at a stranger. Say hello. Who knows...

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