Venus and Pluto Awkward Connection

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus and Pluto

Our planet of personal joy and abundance, Venus, makes an awkward connection with Pluto, our planet of monumental manifestations... and this energy will likely bring out the very good, the bad, and the very, very ugly of us all.

It will be very clear, crystal clear, where it is you stand.

Do be mindful if you’re in a position to share with others what you believe, how you feel, what your thoughts are, and whether or not you support something or another as the energy in the air will prevent a graciousness otherwise found and replace this with an indirect defensiveness and paralyzing paranoia. The influence of your words as well as the beat of your own heart will speak volumes today, so do speak wisely.

No one will be sitting on the fence. About anything.

No one will want to compromise. For anything.

No one will be in a position to advance control over you, or, you them, but everyone might just try. Because anything can happen, anything happens all the time.

Any use of manipulative methods will only push you back, despite however far you find yourself in the moment.

What is valuable to you?

Do you truly require validation?-- from anyone?

Why exactly would you harbor hate for another? Or jealousy, envy or pain?

Love, at this time, may become highlighted in your life and the ways you give and receive it may also be exposed.

The reasons humans harbor such ugly wastes of energy mentioned above is out of fear; fears of being alone, fears of not being good enough, fears of abandonment, fears of awkwardness, fears of uncertainty, fears of manipulation, fears of failure.

Fears of fear itself.

These feelings we have out of fear do not create... anything, but further fear rather. Love and light always win, by the way, save yourself some time. And energy.

Just love.

You will definitely notice any shifts within relationships needing light through the darkest of days, such as an abusive relationship or one which someone overpowering another for whatever reason, even professionally, could stand to be adjusted more evenly. Not necessarily fairly-- not much with Pluto can ever be considered entirely fair.

If you’re meeting someone new today, it’ll feel like destiny. And it just very well may be.

Do make sure that they’re not too good to be true. Move slowly. And keep your wall up a little longer than usual, though it’ll feel as though it’s being knocked down by all the emotions you’ve ever imagined and more all at once. Sometimes Love likes to show up to the party in sheep’s wool.

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