Jupiter in Libra Part II: New Horizons for Relationships & Partnerships

By Jamie VanZuuk

Jupiter in Libra

I posted last week a textbook description upon what we could expect now that Jupiter has moved in to Libra for the next two years roughly and it dawned on me today... why wouldn’t I have delved in a bit deeper and offer a more philosophical explanation. After all, Jupiter is who we can thank for our personal philosophies and the endless expansionings thereof, and Libra is the sign of weighing out the tough stuff while looking for the good.

Libra weighs. Libra goes back and forth, endlessly going over the details and the facts, the feelings and the fragments. Libra needs to see both sides, always. Much more, Libra needs to appease to both sides. Always.

Libra often stands alone.

Because humans naturally side with something. Or someone. Or some cause, or action, or movement.

Not Libra. Well, maybe their "other". But, still. Not really.

Or do they? Let’s consider an alternative perspective...

No, just joking. (Libra will get that.)

Libra must balance between two sides. Sometimes three.

What exactly is weighing? Old school scales, the kind one must move weights both left and right simultaneously, offer a better idea of what I mean by weighing.

So what does weighing involve? An evening combination of give and take.

Quite simply.

One must pull/lift some weight to lose some weight, physically speaking, yes?

One must give in order to receive, morally speaking.

One must rid of what one has already in order to make room for new, spiritually speaking.

When Jupiter holds the scales, so to speak, Jupiter emphasizes this process of give and take, especially in consideration to where Libra is specifically in your chart, and in the 7th house, as Libra rules this house traditionally.

The 7th house is our house of relationships and partnerships, open love and open enemies, contracts, agreements, your significant other, and your close and personal friendships. This house, specifically, as Jupiter moves through for the next two years, is asking you to take others as they are, when they are, where they are. Because they are. Allow those who come in to your life to be who they really are and allow them, also, to go-- or stay- as peacefully as they came if this is their will.

Jupiter in Libra in the 7th house also begs of you to move past traditional ideas of marriage, courtship, and devotion. Commitment is what you and "other" need it to be, specific to you and yours. That is all. Contracts, too. This will be a giant shift in perspective. The way we see relationships and what they need to be for us to feel fulfilled will alter, shift, and grow beyond the limiting nuptials of holiness, religious bindings and contractual agreements we focus on now.

Libra can be a bit of a people pleaser, so, Jupiter will want to expand upon that. Be mindful of this. If you’re going above and beyond to please others and their opinions of you, have fun with that. No? Only to share and inspire love, by all means, please continue. This is different.

But as I mentioned above, giving and taking-- this will be BIG.

The more give and take we allow in our relationships, our partnerships, our contacts, and our personal philosophies the more we will gain. If we toss our old world ways of thinking, our archaic notions of how things really are, and our pre-conditioned expectations of who people ought to be according to us-- the more we will receive.

Love. Accept love.

Give. And give some more. Maybe even when you shouldn’t.

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