Full Moon in Pisces: Action is Needed!

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight at 8:03pm UT, the moon will be full at 24°20’ Pisces. The Piscean moon will oppose the sun and a retrograded Mercury, still moving through Virgo while activating a new t-square with Mars, our planet of action.

After last month’s Leo/Aquarius moon, we were all so boldly reminded of what it is that makes us unique. As this dreamy moon opposes the sun in Virgo, the sign of routine and process, the heavens suggest that only the intentions and actions you make in your day will shape and tweak your dreams. Take what is unique about you, real about you, and put this delight in to something.

Make something real.

Mars needs to make... make anything. To make something-- anything- happen! Through Mars, our actions are activated, and when Mars is in Sagittarius, our actions are spontaneous, adventurous, and courageous. We are motivated by chance, stirred by truth, and set free of our own limitations. That bright, full moon of all things, today, is speaking loudly, dreamily, and directly to you: go, see, do.

Tell people what you need, tell them what you’re planning to do. Humans inherently seek to assist, out of curiosity, out of human kindness, out of guilt. Either way, if anything, people know people and chances are, someone in your life knows exactly someone who can give you a nudge in the right direction

The first step in activation is to announce your wishes aloud. Hold yourself accountable.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before regeneration in to Aries once more. Pisces, spiritually speaking, has accumulated the essence of every one of the previous signs, collecting all the fragments of lessons learned and all the time devoted to truth. Aries begins anew, wiped clear of the burdens of wisdom, the cobwebs of Karma. While the moon lingers in Pisces, and before the full moon event in Aries, you have a celestial opportunity to begin. To begin your Truth. And to enjoy it, alone, before the Aries/Libra moon asks you to share it a month from now. To share the glory of it. The boldness of it.

Until then, enjoy the essence of it and hold the truth of it loosely in your arms, allowing it to breathe its own life unto things, magical things...

Become who you came here to be.

Follow your Truth, it will never lead you astray.

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