Mars in Capricorn: Order, Process, Control, and Focus

By Jamie VanZuuk

Libra Zodiac Sign

Mars moved in to Capricorn on September 27, folks. Whoa.

Mars has been in Sagittarius for what seems like forever-- through forward motion, retrogradation and the collaborative connections to Saturn, through the responsibilities of being the apex planet of a t-square, too, then alongside Saturn in an awkward fashion.

Mars in Sagittarius offered spontaneous action-taking, fierceness in conviction, and a vibrant robustness... Mars in Capricorn asks for order, process, control, and focus. And most importantly: hard work.

Isn't what so many of us have been through for the last handful of months a prime example of hard work?

It's definitely been hard.

Luckily, Mars has been getting chummy with Saturn through their shared days in Sagittarius and Mars has learned a thing or two about patience, focusing, and keeping cool even when hot... well, for now.

Remember, Mars in Sagittarius was expressing energy in a transitional way as Sagittarius is mutable in nature, meaning that it can be used in various ways to achieve unlimited means. Mutable energy is curious, eager to learn, and holds no shame in making a mistake or two. It is impatient, temperamental, and volatile.

Mars in Capricorn needs to express its energies in an initiating way as Capricorn is cardinal in nature, meaning that it must start, begin, or lead some sort of effort; achievement, action, and/or adventure is to be expected with cardinal energies. But unlike the other cardinal energies (ie fiery Aries, watery Cancer & airy Libra) Capricorn represents the element of earth and earth needs to seek out practical endeavors, work toward productive achievements, and embrace realistic adventures.

Whether you're excited for this or not, you're likely reading these words and translating exactly what I mentioned above:


Capricorn needs to be in control, on top, and holding a few cards while Mars must take action. Whether you're ready for your next efforts in this game we call "life" or not, you'll likely not be able to let it go. You won't be able to waste this opportunity. Capricorn wants to help you plan for your future; allow Mars to do this bidding for you. What better team of allies could you have on your side!?-- it's like the celestial avengers fighting misfortune to insure your bright days ahead.

Or, it will be an episode of "Madmen" in which Don Draper easily and effortlessly charms his way through the day, manipulating and violating every rule or measure, while ending up on top at the end of the hour.

Whether your motives are morose or maverick, your intentions insidious or insatiable, with Mars in Capricorn, you will see your goals through, be they genuine or gross. However, I do hope your determination is focused upon happy, healthy, and honorable pursuits.

When Capricorn gets an idea, in my experience, it's pretty much a matter of when, not how. Capricorn always finds a way.

Capricorn are survivalists, truly, especially when a natal Mars placement is found here, and devoted to the hard core realities of a situation without relying on luck, magic, or even hope. With Capricorn, thems the brakes though it's hard for many of us to understand, or, even possibly envision. Capricornian energy is unrelenting, determined, and so focused-- if we focused as much energy on to something useful and productive as we do our mindless time spent perusing social media threads or watching the Kardashians- Capricorn is always willing to miss out on fun and leisure when working to win in the long run or otherwise come out on top.

"Mind over matter" was quite likely inspired by Scorpio, embraced by Sagittarius, but Capricorn tested it, worked out some kinks and ultimately perfected it... and we've all endured the affects of these lessons firsthand in the last handful of months... and, Aquarius will have some say on that, I'm sure, we will see in November.

So, until November, while Mars moves through Capricorn, begin. Start fresh with something in a completely realistic manner, advocating for renewable resources and practical guarantees. Initiate the survivalist in yourself. And inspire, embrace, and perfect the idea of mind over matter: there's no such thing as "can't" if your mind truly believes that you can.

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