New Moon in Libra – Set Your Intentions to Become a Better You

New Moon in Libra

Officially October 1st offers a New Moon in Libra at 8°15’ at 12:11am UT* as this event makes connections with both Mars and Saturn.

Why would Mars and Saturn still be important?

Because Mars just days ago moved in to Capricorn from Sagittarius, after what felt like a sentencing to Sagittarius as Saturn continues to move through the sign of the centaur until December of 2017!-- when Mars will be back around in Scorpio and we will likely once again feel much of the angst and anxiety we endured-- or are enduring- through this recent Mars/Saturn transition, working itself out since the beginning of the year.

So... as Mars’ movement in to Capricorn will determine and define our time and energies upon constructive ways of setting your realistic goals or initiating new and practical efforts to protect your securities and stabilizing your foundations for the future, Saturn remains in Sagittarius to continue defining the ways you see wrong and right, and building your character by questioning your personal philosophies, especially the ones that you have clung so tightly to for far too long.

These two planetary movements will further define you in how you continue on your path, believing what you believe and holding faith for what you consider worthy of your faith... ultimately framing and molding your convictions and trust in what you think about what you think you know. Your immediate, and somewhat longterm, transitions and initiations will be the thick of what you’re experiencing and putting efforts in to, and your future self will thank you. These two planetary movements, specifically, will push your limitations further and further beyond your self-made comfort zone until you finally look up and realize that you’ve accomplished the unthinkable, that you’ve achieved what you once considered unachievable.

Until you finally actualize your thoughts and feelings, fears and dreams... be they fearless or constricted, true or ingenuine, courageous or disappointing-- they’re yours. Own them.

So... this New Moon event in lovely Libra will occur at 8°15’ which, according to Marc Edmund Jones, represents accord. Accord, by definition, means harmony, agreement, or, as a verb, to reconcile, to adapt. Either way, this New Moon event will inspire you to seek and find harmony between your convictions and your exceptions; to agree to with the laws of physics, the laws of the universe; to adapt upon the bridge between what was and what will be.

Be a noun or a verb. Just be.

Venus, remember, wants your dreams to be your reality.

Venus, remember, wants, above all else, for you to always: just do it. As does Mars, Neptune, the North Node...

Venus, remember, rules Libra.

Venus, remember, is moving through strategic Scorpio these days and rules over this particular New Moon while making auspicious connections to the point of your destiny through the North Node, Pluto the planet of personal transformation and renewal, and Neptune, the planet of dreams and magical possibilities.

Venus, remember, is the epitome of both noun and verb.

This tells me that a Venusian celestial opportunity to seize the day and celebrate your potential is here.

Set your intentions on this New Moon to become a better you. Truly and genuinely. It’s written in the stars that you will eventually earn what you want and receive what you need if only you put in the work and the effort and the honest desire to push yourself through whatever obstacles stand in your way. Now’s the time, the time is now to find your way.

Be on your way. What will be, they say, will be...

*September 30th at 8:11pm EST; 7:11pm CST; 6:11pm MST; 5:11pm PST

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