Your Celestial Opportunities this Autumn

By Jamie VanZuuk

Horoscope for Autumn

The sun has moved on to Libra from Virgo, Venus moved from Libra to Scorpio, and Mars is finally in Capricorn.

The sun wants to highlight the Libra in you, wherever that may be, asking you to focus on that area of your life by balancing both the good and the bad, the lacking and the overflow, the sweet with the sour. The Libra in you will be presented with many opportunities to make a decision, a decision you’ll likely find difficult to make.

The Scorpio energies in the air will lend a feeling of realness and reverberate a permanency while Libra and Capricorn will need to initiate-- to begin, to start, to lead the way, reluctantly eager to roll up the sleeves.

Venus is considered to be detriment when moving through the deep, deep waters of Scorpio, as Venus prefers to keep feelings light, floating, and social and Scorpio simply cannot identify with these preferences. Scorpio is deep, heavy, firm, stable, and very very personal.

So, Venus isn’t exactly her usual comfortable self in Scorpio. She’s tip toeing around on nerves and soft spots, rather. And while Venus does her best to hold her breath as she swims these too intuitive waters, your preferences in regard to love and finances will be much more personal. Firm. And guarded. Very guarded. However, when Venus is in Scorpio, it’s an auspicious time to delve deeper into those dark, unknown parts of yourself.

And with Mars now in Capricorn, finally!, you’ll be in good hands as you move to fix whatever is broken, finish what has been started, or initiate and start what needs to get going to become.

Also, as Mars is now moving through Capricorn it means that Mars will soon be connecting with Pluto, the planet of transformation and renewal, who’s been in Capricorn for some time now.

Mars will connect with Pluto on October 18th at 15° Capricorn, and now that you’re in it to win it there’s no way out but through... and if you’re still in denial or scared to tread beyond your zones of comfort you’ll quickly realize that the universe has something else in mind for you.

Either way, the Universe is just waiting to offer you an abundance of something.

You have likely been thinking much about completely altering your life circumstances in ways completely foreign to you in terms of process and mid-October is when you’ll truly have the opportunity, or the decision will be made for you. These changes will be intense, possibly even critical, but will improve your circumstances whether it’s directly or indirectly related.

You’re not going to want to be bothered with anything or anyone lacking in mystery, context, or underlying meanings. You want to delve deep; really get to the guts of whatever has your attention and focus draining through a sieve. Take this opportunity. Look deeper. Ask questions. You’ll likely be unwilling to compromise, though, it’s always a good idea to understand your environment and where everyone stands. And, when Mars and Pluto, especially, are involved, it’s good practice to not make manipulative moves or otherwise ill intentions upon another for any reason... though, this is a good practice, any day, always.

As long as you view obstacles as opportunities, envision the bigger picture beyond your own needs and don’t jump to conclusions or throw tantrums, you’ll likely see through these transits rather smoothly and successfully, gaining everything from the heavens necessary to you now.

These transits, for some of you, may mimic what a manic depressive experiences normally, in that the highs will be enthrallingly high and the low will knock you down to your knees hard. Be mindful of this potential distraction and treat your body overall with kindness, nutrition, and hydration. You’ll be go go go’ing and go see doing do thoroughly and enthusiastically that you’ll forget to tend to the basics, but, humdrum is important, too.

Humdrum your way to happiness and maintain your merriment. You’re on your way to greatness. Allow the metamorphosis!

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