Mercury in Libra – The Art of Communication

Mercury in Libra

Mercury moved in to Libra a few days ago, friends, and this encourages your thoughts to be more balanced and well-rounded as your communication becomes more graceful, with more authority, more charm. Mercury will move through Libra until October 24th, 2016, when the messenger will move on to Scorpio.

While in Libra, consider this a celestial opportunity to take a stand in your speech, avoid using swear words or saying anything crass, belittling, or crude, as it will definitely not earn you any points, nor is it becoming. Consider also thinking a bit longer than usual before speaking. You'll be surprised. It will also provide you an advantage when Mercury has moved along to Scorpio in that everything you say will be set in stone rather, adding weight to your words without any irony in intention.

Mercury in Libra extends itself to your relationships, too, as this month may be the month to talk about things; discussions over dynamics within the relationship, talks about tying the knot, chats carrying emphasis upon who's carrying the weight in responsibilities, or dialogue about dyad communication between the two of you. Mercury in Libra weighs, balances, judges, and solves many of your communication issues, yours and your partnerships, both romantic or professional.

Mercury in Libra will encourage you to seek out what is fair, with your words, your intentions, and your approach to others. Fairness and diplomacy will be very important to all of your dealings. And this type of mind frame will come in handy as Saturn makes a final square to the North Node.

Saturn represents your lessons while the North Node represents the destiny that unfolds as you learn them, see, so how you learn these lessons is essential.

They say that you are who you associate with. Are you ensconced in negativity, drama or other unhealthy forms of communication? Or are you constantly inspired and overstimulated by ideas, possibilities, and solutions? The Mercury in Libra theme will help you decide this fairly, with your best interest in mind.

Right now is an auspicious time to reach out to an elder, a mentor, or a tutor. Or even begin a friendship with someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two you do not.

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