Full Moon in Aries - Expect Big Change

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Aries

The cinematically rebellious Robert Downey Jr once said “Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the f*ck you were gonna do anyway.” Under what circumstances Downey said this I am not sure, however, this may feel like very good advice to you under the Full Moon in Aries on October 16, 2016.

The Full Moon in Aries is connecting exactly with Uranus, our planet of rebellion and freedom, at 22°29’ Aries, and will then directly oppose the sun in lovely, smiling Libra at 23°14’ at 4:21am UT on October 16th*

Impulsiveness and breaking to be free will be the theme upon this hunter’s moon, free from what will depend on where this activity falls in your chart.

Either way, expect big change, likely change that is being pushed on you or forced in ways beyond your control.

Or, it could be change in something essential, however mechanical, such as your patterns of eating or sleeping. Uranus often has an undetectable effect on people’s moods, vitality, even, I dare say, adrenalin. Just as a flight or fight response would send messages to your brain, Uranus seems to mimic these in direct response to how you choose to behave.

And this is the real kicker for this Full Moon event: choice.

Whether change is necessary or not, forced or embraced, it’s sticky and scary and how you behave throughout is largely going to help you alleviate any number of struggles waiting to be encountered.

If you think that this’ll be the end, a disaster, the worst-- you will not be disappointed.

However, with an open mind and possibly nothing to lose, you could consider the opportunities abound, the lessons to learn along the way, and the connections to others searching for the same things that you’ll be united with.

Changes could include, also-- as the lunar/Uranus combination opposes Libra- relationships and partnerships. Possibly, you will experience this Full Moon through the dramatic changes of your other, or, you will initiate it.

Sometimes, changes like these will comes about simply from the powers that be.

Change can be messy, eristic, cumbersome, lonesome.

This Full Moon event will likely bid change for you now in impossibly unrealistic ways, just as Alice experienced her current reality through a dream; such a motley mix of friends and foe alike, the flowers ostracized her, the wise though however condescending caterpillar lectured her and endlessly corrected her, the Cheshire cat cajoled her... and the Mad Hatter? Well, it may seem as though everyone’s mad.

Alice made rash decisions, despite knowing her own advice to another in the same situation would be much different. She was also in such a mindless hurry to get home, to Dinah, that she so easily made so many mistakes, including being impatient or rude to those she met along the way.

Change offers us surprise, opportunity, and always always-- growth.

Alice didn’t appreciate the changes she was faced with, however, she knew deep down that change was inevitable and growing up was around the corner. Or, growing taller. Much, much taller.

Again, it’s all a choice.

Change as growth is one thing, as is Uranus and the surprise efforts to reach for freedom or independence of your own (un)doing, but this Full Moon event loosely clings to Mercury squaring Mars, which I’ve quickly mentioned in a previous post, and as Mars moves closer to Pluto, the Mars/Pluto conjunction will unravel, which I focused upon in my horoscopes and connected the oracle directly on this very conjunction.

This is the part we would hear: dunn dun dunnnnnn

The changes you seek or are being forced to cooperate with may come at you with ultimatums, temper tantrums, power dynamics, or even violence or the threats thereof. These examples, mind you, are the shadowy sides of Mars and Pluto and Mercury, regardless, still very possible.

On a brighter note, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto, when working together in a symbiotic manner, can offer and potentially relieve deep depths of pain in discoveries of crisis or catharsis, uncover answers to quandaries and questions long asked for-- and in this case, potentially even answers from someone else you feel you need to move/carry on, decipher cryptic secret meanings-- especially in terms of inward, spiritual counsel, shedding light upon the darker sides of one’s self, or otherwise overcome something hindering by way of defiance, or deviance. Again, your choice.

Impulsivity, as I mentioned earlier, may be exaggerated, as Mercury will insist on each and every decision being decided too quickly, too directly, too too too... be mindful of this and despite the rush you think you’re in knowing that you do have time and that this time-- your time- is worth an extra moment to seriously consider your choices. Jumping to conclusions, real or unreal, is not worth your time. Exaggerating the negative, of anything or anyone, is not worth your time or your energy. Nor is painting the roses red to cut corners, cheat, or connive in order to gain more time, save time, or stop time. This is not in your best interest whatsoever.

Like a hunter, on this hunter’s moon, stalk your dilemma.




Whatever change is upon you, learn to study its potentials; could this change be camouflaged, or is the mere idea of change and what it represents camouflaged?

Is change the enemy/dilemma/worst case scenario?

Is acting too soon too risky, in regard to gaining the most from this potentially fleeting opportunity?

By not embracing the changes around you, are you becoming the dilemma?

Alice felt that her own world would be a preferred place to be, where nothing made sense, until it was forced upon her. In the end, she was Wanted in Wonderland.

So maybe impulsivity isn’t so attractive. Or in your best interest, however convincing it may feel now. Maybe, rather, strategically impulsive sounds a bit more effective? Or, strategically rebellious? Mindfully aware?-- now we’re talking...

I know, I know... you’ll listen, you’ll smile, you’ll agree, and then you’ll do whatever the f*ck you were gonna do anyway.

Enjoy the full moon, friends.

*12:21am EST October 16th; 11:21pm CST October 15th; 10:21pm MST; 9:21pm PST

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