Mars in Conjunction to Pluto: You Are On to Something?

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Conjunction to Pluto

You want something. You want it badly. In fact, you may feel that you even need it...

Or maybe it’s not even so much as wanting or needing something, but obsessing, unconsciously or otherwise, over something. A new way of life, a new outlook on things, a healthier routine.

You’re in for a treat. But there’s a trick.

The Full Moon event in Aries has exploded, within or outside of your favor now, and you’ve learned that as much as you want or need something right now, other people are involved and compromise comes as a solution... for now.

As the sun continues to oppose Uranus, you are reminded that impulsivity has been known to work... but you remain reticent in making that bold, effective move just yet.

Mercury continues to square Mars, and, now Mars is closer to Pluto than its been yet. Since November 10th, 2014, in fact, at 11° Capricorn. What were your goals back in the autumn of 2014? And what in the hell does Mars connecting with Pluto have anything to do with it!?

When Mars makes a conjunction to Pluto, meaning that it is exactly at the same degree (ie 11° Capricorn in 2014 and 15° now), the planet of action and movement hurls forward with conviction and strength, driven toward the planet of extremes to persevere, see manifestations through, and uncompromisingly pursue transformative waves of irrevocable intensity.

OK, I’m being a bit dramatic. But this is really exciting. And what you pursued back in 2014 could offer you priceless wisdom now in regard to how to proceed through retrospective insight. Because, quite likely, back in 2014 you possessed a wide open window of opportunity before you. You were given a chance. An in. Did you take it?

You are feeling determined now.

You are capable of truly anything right now.

You are staring your own fears down without shame or apology.

You are on to something...

Have you ever considered that the urges you feel or the calling you answer to time and time again are possibly a primal instinct designed within your soul to remind you who you are?

Consider, for a moment, that this is the case. And consider then that you yourself created those instinctual triggers lifetimes ago. These instincts then, true and sacred, are there possibly to prevent a previous failure, a simple but human mistake, an attempt to improve upon circumstances in your current life lessons. Consider now what your soul intended, and that this may be a celestial window of opportunity to become what you’ve always harbored doubts about becoming.

Either way, whatever your innate beliefs are in regard to who you are and why you’re here, know that this transit specifically, had-- and has- the power to transform you should you accept the mission and whatever you begin now will potentially change your life. Hidden gems of insight will find you and captivate you and you will understand an invincibility of instinct-- no, you’re not invincible now, but spiritually, yes, yes you are- as you’ve never before understood it in this way.

The key now, as the moon and Uranus and Mercury have been trying to point out for you, is: sensitivity to the depths of your discoveries and to the parameters of the bigger picture.

As much as everything will now open up for you, it’s still not all about you, is it? It shouldn’t be.

It’s possible that any strive you swing can make a large impact on your life, your entire way of life, and your approach to others is what’s it’s ultimately all about.

There’s something beyond you, me, any of us, that is so much bigger than anything we can even imagine. And that something is only waiting to oblige. Waiting to offer everything and more.

Imagine, for a moment, what we’ve been told for so many years about fear was simply a ruse to manipulate, to squander, to deflate our truest potentials in an effort to maintain order and control in a "scary, scary world".

Consider now, and understand truly, that you no longer possess any remnants of fear within yourself.

What, oh what, awaits you?

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