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Scorpio Season: Your Celestial Opportunity for Renewal

By Jamie VanZuuk

Sun moves to Scorpio

As I write, the sun is in the twenty-ninth degree of Libra, preparing to move forward to the watery, emotional depths-- I always say the watery depths- of Scorpio, the sign from which we contrive both the spiritually empowering representation of the Phoenix rising from ashes and the fearlessly dignified eagle soaring above it all in search of a new day.

Any astrological cookbook will explain Scorpio ineffectively, parading a notion of paranoia and highlighting a heft of heavy emotional hysteria or heinous approval for manipulative means. Dark, sex crazed, and possessive. Well, I can attest to you, dear reader, that Scorpio, including any simulacrum of Scorpio, is wildly enigmatic, omnificent and omniscient, and strategically versed in the powers of influence.

It’s despicable. Not to mention a disservice.

I’ve encountered Scorpio as cute. Yes, cute. You’d never think...

We all have Scorpio ruling some sector of our lives and it is within this sector of your life you either largely control with great ease or effortlessly influence others on such a profound level it is both admirable and enviable.

When the sun moves through Scorpio each year from late October to mid-November, we are reminded that everything has both a beginning and an end. The time of year these months provide in the northern hemisphere is that of autumn, in the southern, spring; both seasons invite the decline of life and the birth of new life, respectively, both in an effort to procure the other, a symbiotic relationship necessary for the survival and success of everything in between.

Likewise, Scorpio, and where Scorpio falls in your natal chart and celestial DNA, represents exactly this: renewal.

Scorpio represents the scorpion in nature, as well as the lizard, any reptile, the eagle, and the Phoenix, mentioned above. Reptiles are known for shedding their skin so often, as well as the coldness of their skin or scales. It has been said that Sagittarian lizard king, Jim Morrison, would shed his leather pants for a new pair, leaving the old behind in the dressing room, as a snake would leave behind the skin it outgrew. The coldness represents that of possessing a "cool heart", meaning that to some critical degree one removes emotion from logical thought in order to captivate the essence of the situation without the fog of feelings to muck it up, yet still possessing an empathy for another and another’s lot in life.

I always explain Scorpio with "watery depth" as Scorpio is a water sign and the idea of depth, in reference to Scorpio, is but a fraction of what Scorpio has to offer. Deep sea diving is symbolic of Scorpio, where the pressure is so heavy that divers fear to try to navigate, deep down so far that light doesn’t even penetrate-- there is absolutely no light dwelling there- and the sea urchins possess no eyes as they are evolutionarily deemed unnecessary. These creatures are still dinosaurs, primitive, archaic. Of storybook lore. We have not yet encountered them. We do not know yet of their existence. If ever we will. We do not understand how or why they continue to survive, to overcome their circumstances, to evolve. We have no reference point. We have no concept. Yet, we’re mystified by it all. Challenged. Opportunistic even. That is Scorpio; not the darkness but the light that exposes the darknesses.

Water is life, and life continues to continue...

Scorpio is also fixed in nature, meaning, most easily: stubborn. Unchanging, which, considering the evolution Scorpio embodies, is sort of ironic. However, the fixity Scorpio inspires is that of conviction; Scorpio is loyal beyond the grave, beyond the boundaries even of this lifetime. Scorpio stands ground and will have the last word.

A scorpion in nature will kill itself if faced with threat and no conceivable way out, hence the phrase to spite one’s nose for face. This said, Scorpio most always ensures a way out, as the strategic methods used are cryptically keen, immeasurably efficient, and top secret-- for your protection.

A group of scorpions in nature is referred to as a nest. It is my opinion that a Scorpio sun makes the best parent, especially the father, (my dad was born in November). To protect the nest is of top priority and will be done, despite everyday obstacles or the damper of life’s challenges. Because Scorpio continues on...

Where Scorpio falls in your chart you will be faced with issues of power and control, influence, and destruction, as Mars, traditionally, and Pluto, modernly, rule Scorpio. A native with the sun in Scorpio will embody through this lifetime a legacy of conviction, loyalty to self, above all else, and a silent pride beyond the awareness of onlookers or family alike.

A native with the moon in Scorpio will experience emotion of a deeper level, will feel much more innately, and have lived a lifetime longer than you in one minute than you’ll ever fully understand. Because they continue, even if it hurts, even if it’s dangerous, even if it consumes them. They understand that nothing lasts, that permanency is anything but, that what doesn’t kill you strengthens you.

A native with Scorpio on the horizon will walk a path of cryptic and mystic purpose in this lifetime, recycling lessons and lifetimes and learning unknowable truths while penetrating raw realities and navigating unknowable experiences, to inspire, to teach, to light the darkness for others should they choose to accept the wisdom.

As the sun moves through Scorpio for the next thirty days or so, deepening your connections with yourself and others is, or should be, priority.

Use whatever power you possess to better someone, something, or some place, idea, or goal rather than overpowering or demonstrating control over someone, something, etc.

And most importantly: renewal.

Renew your sense of wonder or your belief in something worthwhile.

Renew your faith in humankind and its connection with all things, large and small.

Renew your ability to become; to become more; to become more influential, more effective, more patient, more grateful, more giving...

Everything in this life ends.

They say, however, that energy never dies but simply changes form. That is why love thrives. That is why good always wins. Why the bond between us all continues within ourselves, despite the fear, the terror, the evil; the light always breaks through the darkness.

Renew the energy you represent and inspire, to be the best person you know you can be, each and every moment, each day. When you fall, or when others fall, as this is inevitable, forgive. And continue on. And in between each fall and during, love.

Because even the vibrations of love you send out reach the moon, galaxies beyond our scope of awareness, and the deepest, darkest depths of the oceans far and wide, where even light does not shine, down even where the urchins without eyes thrive... maybe that’s how they continue to exist at all.


Because energy never dies. It continues on...

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