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New Moon in Scorpio

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Scorpio

At 7°44’ Scorpio the sun and moon will collide at 5:38pm UT* tomorrow; this New Moon event in Scorpio will connect to dreamy Neptune in Pisces, as well as Mercury, moving alongside the event at 9° Scorpio.

Emotional depths, if you’re willing to submerge yourself, will offer you everything that is essential to this moment in time as you know it to be. It is worth your time to go deeper; to uncover what lies below the surface.

You must first be willing.

You must then commit to never, never turning back once you’ve set sail, submerged yourself deeply enough that you begin to experience the inability to consciously control what you feel next or unconsciously feel genuine fears or authentic desires.

You must finally be willing to confront anyone-- primarily yourself- fundamentally debilitating the value of the treasures you seek.

Through this gentle admission and spiritual acquiescence you will be presented with a celestial opportunity to reflect.

Only once you’ve surrendered to your deepest depths are you able to honestly understand any given situation, enough to inherently feel your response even before being presented with a circumstance to own your reflexive reaction. Every encounter or involvement you find yourself in is universally connected to the very reflection you connect to yourself.

What kind of energy do you exude?

What kind of energy do you put out for others to receive?

What kind of energy do you accept from others?

If the sun is your character, the moon your behavior, wouldn’t it be fair to equivalate through the deep connections one seeks in Scorpio that what you give is what your get?, that what you see in yourself is what you find, ultimately, in/through others?

Stop transferring your feelings. Think before you displace your feelings, your finds, your fat, furry, freaky fears.

Stop denying yourself: if you’re unable to accept yourself you’ll be unable to accept anyone, anything.

When you’re finally able to give even your fat, furry, freaky fears the acknowledgement they deserve, the respect, and the resolve, you’ll be able to once and for all accept whatever comes your way-- be it fat, furry, or freaky... trick, or treat.

Happy Hallow’s Eve, friends XO

*1:38pm EDT; 12:38pm CDT; 11:38am MDT; 10:38am PDT

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