Life Hacks to Live by From an Obscure Journal (Venus square Chiron)

By Adam Sommer

Life Hacks

*To move from being a helpless romantic to a helpful one, we must first become clear about what needs help. If we cannot admit we need help, as we stand open in the mirror of a lover, we’re are doomed. We all need help. And if it?s one of those, “YesyesyesYes” connections, one that peels open the sky to reveal double rainbows and reels of footage from ancient future memories, well, god help us all, because you found a good one. Help each other, as much as you can. May the adventure be long and never boring.

**Speaking of adventure…when was the last time you had one? I’m not talking about island hopping on a cruise ship, drinking in the scenery with a bottomless cup, I’m talking about the ones which involve danger and mystery and radiant suspense. The kinds we love on the tv, in the addictive novel, in that dream we wish would never end. When was the last time? Have you ever? Why not? I say go for it. Life is made of stories; Why not go out, to the furthest reaches of your imagination, and gather a few. Pay attention to butterflies—in your stomach and elsewhere.

***Everyone’s an addict. We all have something we think we can’t live without. Whether it’s the subtle coffee bean which has your mornings or the spirits who emerge after 5 O clock from their fermented casings who have your nights, everyone is hungry for a fix. Whatever it is, the only way to conquer its power over you is to realize it’s only a sloppy surrogate for god, that perhaps, if redirected—towards the Earth, in the Heart, at the Divine—something tremendous occurs. A Blessing. A true life hack. It’s what “Being born again” is all about. It doesn’t have to be Jesus though, it could a caterpillar. Whatever works.

**** I believe there is one such fix we can all agree on, and of course, this is Love. We can’t live without it. This is true, yet I also believe many of us may have it a bit misdirected. What I mean, is that it’s never going to last if you attach it, 100 % on the outside, to her or him or it. It will run out. It will die. And this is why it has become cliche to say, “Find the Love within.” Fuck cliches. Many are true, especially this one. Don’t skip this step. It’s the most essential of them all. Love yourself, then notice how all the sudden, you love everything else the same. Magic.

(Much thanks to Venus & Chiron for sharing some of their dialogue. These are excerpts found from a travel journal left behind by the lady at Chiron’s cave on Mt. Pelion. Whether it was meant to be an offering, or some retrograde moment, they are invaluable morsels, and a great read. It’s good to know they are now archived in the Akashic records. The ones I shared today were dated: Venus in Sagittarius. Evening star. Square Chiron in Pisces. Scorpio lunar cycle. 2016. “In the Days of the Cracked Wide Open Heart.”)

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