Mars in Aquarius - Our Goals and "The Wizard of Oz"

Mars in Aquarius - Our Goals and "The Wizard of Oz"

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Aquarius

You’ve been breaking ground through goals precisely made last month and making strides, therefore, professionally, thanks to your extra stamina and added ambition while Mars moved through Capricorn.

Likely you made a rather large decision, possibly even taking steps toward the details of your decision since said transition. If so, all the foundations should be already laid, stable, and ready to build from now that Mars moves in to Aquarius today; Aquarian energy is innovative and inquiring, prepare to defend your progress and be flexible in tweaking any changes that need to be made in how you navigate your goals from this point on. Otherwise, you’ll need to make these changes in the future, when Mars is moving from cardinal energy in Aries to fixed energy in Taurus on March 11th next year.

Do it now.

Mars in Capricorn sternly suggested some changes to be made, and you were willing to make these changes, in an effort to begin, if anything. Now in Aquarius, you may meet frustrations in how you go about making new, though necessary, changes that are now no longer suggestions but stipulations or circumspect. Such as, your ideas regarding these readjustments may not be accepted within the group, or to those who matter, if a group/concensus is involved. Or, you alone may simply be obdurate in your willingness to compromise any more of your available resources despite knowing, deep down, that additional changes are more than necessary, they’re potentially imperative.

Furthermore, look forward to both Venus and Mercury moving in to new signs before the week is through; Venus makes her way in to Capricorn on the 11th and Mercury moves in to Sagittarius the next day.

With three planets-- personal planets no less- moving signs within a week-- you’ll definitely notice a shift! This said, the elements will clash, the energies will argue. It’ll be an adjustment, to say they least.

Mars in Aquarius brings fixed air, Venus in Capricorn is cardinal earth, and Mercury is Sagittarius is mutable fire. In other words, you’ll shift your stable changes made in motivation to learning from your own motivations through unpredictable processes and by the process of elimination. (And you thought Capricorn was stubborn!) Then you’ll shift your emotions from a fancy-free and flighty focus on freedom to a downright demand for security, stability, and possibly even legally binding commitments. And finally, your logical focus and interactions will shift from intense, driven, and obsessive to philosophically preferred and curious to deviate from any direct focus at all.

Like in "The Wizard of Oz", everyone had a different way of doing things, expressing themselves, and in meeting their goals.

Dorothy simply needed to get home, and was willing to do whatever it took to see to it that she made it. Sure, she made a hard time of it. She could have moved along, on her way, by herself. But she chose to invite each distraction along with her as she made her way. She later learned that she couldn’t have done it without her new friends, despite the hindrances each of them caused.

The scarecrow needed budged. Convinced. Persuaded. Nudged.

The tin man wanted to feel. Everything. He had been without ability for so long, he was so grateful just to be given a new chance. To be revived. To be awake.

The lion talked a big game.

Think of Mars moving in to Aquarius as you would Dorothy doing whatever was necessary to navigate her way through Oz to find her way home. She had to multitask, delegate responsibilities, share common interests for the greater good, think on her feet, and accept failure.

The scarecrow is you through these transitions. You’ll lose your stuffing, you’ll possibly even doubt and pout. But you’ll see in the end that all of it was worth it. You just won’t be able to grasp the bigger picture through all the smaller parts as they come together.

The tin man represents how you should navigate your way through these transitions.

And the lion... well, the lion is the chaos. This week will look and feel like a juggling act being learned for the first time, despite you boasting your skills and abilities to anyone who would listen before you even practiced.

It’s gonna be fun.

Luckily, both Mars and Mercury will be willing to adapt. Mostly. It’ll be your heartstrings that will refuse to budge, unless of course, you have included all details in the fine print below the dotted line.

Be patient with yourself and with others, and just continue to follow that yellow brick road... you’ve had the power this entire time. Now it’s time to use it.

Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19th, Venus in Capricorn until December 8th, and Mercury in Sagittarius until the 3rd of December.

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