The North and South Nodes are Stationing Retrograde

The North and South Nodes are Stationing Retrograde

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Aquarius

The North and South Nodes are stationing retrograde today, as they usually do... I’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s examine what exactly the North and South Nodes are.

The Nodes are lunar, meaning of the moon. There are two, North and South, and they oppose one another directly. These points are just this-- mathematical points, not planets.

Astrologically, these points each represent a purpose in your chart.

The North Node represents your life purpose, in this lifetime, and the new lessons you’re willing to learn.

The South Node reveals to you where you’ve been, where your comforts lie in this world, left over from memories buried deeply from your last lifetime, and the lessons, therefore, you are here to once and for all conquer and move beyond as it is to the lessons of this lifetime you must focus on, found where your North Node is.

So, these Nodes are slow moving points which are almost always stationing, retrograding, stationing, moving directly... however, at this time Neptune is also stationing, which, as one of the slower moving planets, also does so quite frequently. Neither of these things is especially unique or of significance.

The big deal of all of my rambling is that the last time both of these were retrograded together AND CONJUNCT EXACTLY, WITHIN ONE DEGREE OF ANOTHER-- was, well... at least 160 years ago or more. So, this is the big deal, ya’ll. It’s sort of epic, really.

Currently Neptune moves in Pisces, and will for quite some time. Therefore, the South Node is in Pisces, too, both opposing the North Node in Virgo.

Pisces represents selflessness and unconditional love.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces accumulates the significance, and shadow, of each sign essence, which means all of the good, the bad, and the ugly of each zodiacal experience, through Aries, through Taurus, through Gemini, to Pisces, all in an effort to share with, teach, and inspire others by way of spiritual transcendence.

Virgo, as we’ve so recently experienced, shares with us the necessities of the sacred, teaches that one must persist, devote, and serve something larger than oneself in order to understand one another, and inspires a need to nurture these sacred connections to both self and selflessness.

We all have Virgo and Pisces in our chart, and where these are found, opposing one another, is where you’ll feel the tug of the universe pulling at you.

Asking you to share your gift, to teach others of your suffering, and to inspire with your love and kindness.

It is also where you’ll notice that you have something to offer, something unique, from your core, from the fibers of your being, blessed by the universe within you... and this is offered to others selflessly, relentlessly, and will teach others and inspire.

We need now more than ever to remember that we’re all connected. That we’ve all inhaled one another’s exhalations, and that we’ve all felt helpless, powerless, and heartless at one point or another. We are helpless without one another and it’s through one another that we will endure and thrive.

Let’s come together.

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