Super Full Moon in Taurus

Super Full Moon in Taurus

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Aquarius

The much anticipated super moon Full Moon in Taurus occurs Monday, November 14th at 1:52pm UT* at 22°38’ and both the sun and moon will make connections with Chiron, the wounded healer.

Whatever Taurus needs, Scorpio overcomes. Just as whatever is gained will ultimately be lost. What lives will eventually die. Yes, these are intensely dramatic, however, it is by these measures we inherently desire, shamelessly yearn, finally achieve, eventually lose, and so painfully grieve.

Where we find Taurus in our chart is where we need security and stability, where we seek the value of what we find there, and how we sustain the livelihood of what we have assigned value to.

As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus continues on from where Aries left off, in acknowledging self, and on to satisfying every need, feeling valued, and sustaining a practice which is both nurturing and comfortable.

Where we find Scorpio is where will we are willing to pay the ultimate price. It is where we will need to sacrifice our attachments to the securities mentioned above.

It is in Scorpio that we learn to let go, to forsake, to finally realize our power just in time to release it.

As the sun moves through Scorpio, the light will shine upon what you’re struggling with, refusing to let go of or determined to deny; any attachment to a security no longer securing will be exposed and therefore be rendered no longer necessary, however painful. As the moon moves through Taurus, you will feel level-headed and rightly balanced when making the decision to cease in attributing value to something, or someone, no longer worth the bolstering of your time, energy, or resources.

Allow the moonlight to guide you and your attention to preserve what continues to nurture you, while cutting the strings from what does not. This transition will provide you opportunities to ask yourself:

What do I really need/want? Is what I thought that I needed/wanted actually something I need/want?

Is what I need/want practical? If so, am I thinking of my needs/wants in a practical way?

Am I willing-- or even able- to contribute, invest, or otherwise offer my time, my energy, and/or my resources-- either actual or financial- toward what I (think I) need/want?

Both Taurus and Scorpio are known traditionally as materialistic signs, denoting an auspicious connection with finances, investments, and prosperity. Historically, these two signs would provide insight upon one’s capitol gains or losses, depending upon where these were found in a chart and what connections were made with the planets. And that is all fine and good. To assess these two golden nuggets of worth and collateral immaterialistically, we find that the things of this world we are told we want or need by advertising and marketing are wasteful, harmful, ridiculous, or simply not fulfilling, leaving us feeling, once again, without.

So I ask you: are the things you simply want for going to fulfill you?

This is where Chiron comes in.

Chiron, the wounded healer, was forsaken and left to live out his days suffering the same agonizing torture each day. Where Chiron is found in our chart is where we feel a void, feel an untouchable pain, we feel unresolved. This Full Moon event will tap in to some of the pains we experience when it comes to fulfillment, joy, and wealth, be it financial or spiritual.

Are your attachments unhealthy?

Is what you find security through actually harming you?

Would you experience healing if you let go?

Let go of your attachments to the media and the propoganda and what these tell you you need and cannot live without, how to love, live or find and enjoy true happiness.

Let go of what others think of you and stop allowing yourself to feel either guilty or justified about that.

Let go of what is no longer worthy, valuable, or practical.

On this supercharged super moon Full Moon event, willfully intend to break old, bad habits only keeping you down, behind, or under a level you feel you should be operating on.

As humans, we will always want what we cannot have or want more and more and more of what we can, but possessing an attachment to these or going on without consideration to the greed, lust, or gluttony involved only works against you. Even when you hold the most and never go without.

Be practical with your time.

Put energy in to only what is worthy.

And place value on the little things in life that money cannot buy, but only love can produce.

"There comes a time in the spiritual journey when you start making choices from a very different place. And if a choice lines up so that it supports truth, health, happiness, wisdom, and love, it’s the right choice."

-- Angeles Arrien

*8:52am EST; 7:52am CST; 6:52am MST; 5:52am PST

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