Neptune Stations Direct – Universal Selflessness

Neptune Stations Direct – Universal Selflessness

By Jamie VanZuuk

Neptune stations Direct

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?"

This quote is from "Alice in Wonderland", from the scene where Alice is daydreaming aloud to her cat, Dinah, while lounging in the daisies before she falls asleep and meets the white rabbit with a wristwatch.

This very machination of reality describes most effectively the energy derived from Neptune stationing direct. And very soon, Neptune will be fully moving directly at 9° Pisces, which so happens to be the very degree the Virgoan New Moon/solar eclipse fell upon on September 1st... planets are quite powerful through stationing phases in and of itself, but when a powerful recent event occurred upon the exact same degree of something powerful currently occurring... well... it is definitely noteworthy.

It would do you some good to take my advice and refer back to your natal chart to find where 9° Pisces falls in your chart, as well as thinking back to the beginning of September. See, also, that I have attached the post I shared from the Virgoan New Moon event; please refresh your memory...

If anything, as it is Neptune, and because it was a New Moon, these events may have been entirely internally felt, however, the time-honored art of practice and observation, astrologically speaking or otherwise, is/was also at work here. And will continue to be.

Smiling at strangers, being the solution, and practicing kindness always all have one thing in common: selflessness.

Universal selflessness. Its currency is good everywhere.

Much like Virgo, Neptune too caters to many impulses, though each of them commonly is to be of service, and this is essential.

Neptune speaks of things such as devotion, sacrifice, and utter selflessness when shining light on the shadowy underside of Neptunian intentions, such as smoke and mirrors type truth-telling, debilitating intoxication from countless substances or symbolisms, and divine utter uselessness.

This is also an interesting twist, as Virgo opposes Pisces zodiacally, and Neptune rules Pisces.

These two know each other. Very well. And the celestial energies within your chart, no doubt, have experienced the opposition, too.

We all struggle to connect a healthy usefulness to that of a greater good. We all try to take ourselves out of the equation from time to time. We all try to love willingly and freely without fear of failure or rejection... but our ego can be very pushy.

We want. We need. And we think of ourselves.

It’s human. We’re human.

But, what if you/we were to think of y/ourselves doing something beyond y/our scope of awareness for the goal of a common good?

Thoughts are things, remember.

Use any selfish intentions to create selfless results, if you must.

If you have personal planets or pivotal angles in Pisces or Virgo you likely have a grand knowledge or altruistic vision already happening in your world. And confusion. Much confusion. Everywhere you look. Like you’re falling down a rabbit hole?

For all of us, personal planets in Virgo or Pisces or not, this weekend may need to be smudged with sage:

A mindfulness toward your goal, toward who you wish to become, toward what you feel you must fulfill, serve, or function through... visualization is effective, intention is mighty powerful; thoughts are things, folks-- I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to preach it- because taking your mind to a place that it can conceive a possibility... that it is true, that it can be done, boy, look out.

The overwhelming confusion is a Neptunian side effect.

But also, please do not forget, is the insanely unbelievable amount of mindful inspiration you’re feeling, the selfless dedication to a common goal, and the devoted service toward the/your health and happiness within an altruistic place.

A good place.

The motives you embrace and the deeds you accomplish now need not be eximious.

This moves me to mention the upcoming movements in our heavens, the Jupiter/Uranus opposition in particular, as this transit will begin next month and continue through much of next year, and then again near the end of the year. It’s as though Neptune stationing direct is a grand, celestial reminder to check yourself at the door, to make sure you’re in this for the greater good and not some selfish motivation, because once you pass through that symbolic door-- there is no going back nor any use for, or allowance of, selfish, self-centered or self-destructive endeavors.

Changes are upon you. And me. Change will take us all.

Jupiter is applying Saturn on friendly terms after much time squabbling and this is huge as Jupiter, the planet of truth and joy, moves in to an opposition with Uranus, the planet of revolutionary thinking.

With revolution comes rebellion. And exposure.

But also, compromise. Sometimes quiet compromise. But compromise nonetheless, as it is sometimes necessary when considering the greater good, the common goal, the ultimate outcome. The good place requires us coming together, not standing apart. And that starts with you, with me, and will not easily be tempered once it begins.

So much truth is coming toward us, we may no longer understand what ever was, whatever wasn’t. Nothing will be what it is, because everything will be what it isn’t. It will feel and seem and BE nonsense. As we know it to be.

But, will it be?

With these key gas giants making nice in the heavens above at such a critical, pivotal, inspirational, revolutionary! time in history only bestows a greater feeling of hope down here below.

We are the devoted advocates of a revolution; a revolution need not be on a grand scale for all to see, but daily, living by example, through grand gestures by paying it forward, effectively and mindfully.

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