Astrology of the Rest of 2016 - The Wind of Change

Astrology of the Rest of 2016 - The Wind of Change

By Jamie VanZuuk

Astrology of the rest of 2016

Charles Darwin had originally put to print that it was the strongest of the species that survive. However, after more time spent in research he discovered that it is those species which are most willing to adapt to change that bear an advantage through survival.

Not the strongest. But the most resilient.

Take this with you through the month of December... no one is ever ready for change, yet, change is all we ever do... one day at a time.

A major shift in energy is coming for you whether you’re ready or not.

This shift is a result of the energy between Jupiter in Libra applying Saturn in Sagittarius while opposing Uranus in Aries, will amp up motivations for relations, connections, and opportunities while, in turn, Saturn, too, will make a friendly connection to Uranus, strengthening the potential for stable foundations among the ambitious chaos around you and yours. These fun and festive transits will be the background music to each and every day in your life through the month of December, and beyond...

Some advice?

Decide to enjoy yourself. As you are. To see opportunity through the obstacles and maintain your merriment each moment. To graciously receive those celestial moments of clarity with a verbal salutation toward the universe, by saying, "thank you, more please!" aloud or silently to yourself. It might sound silly, but it seriously works, my friends. I dare you.

Embrace each and every time someone or something holds you to be yourself. This is a time for great lengths of rope in independence and a short wire of restlessness. It is up to you now to decide upon how to utilize this time, and this particular energy.

Capture each moment as it comes, as it exists, as it is, rather than trying to catch it, endlessly, or anxiously await its arrival. Realize, and accept, that to revel in the unknown is much better than feeling disappointed with the reality. So many things are up in the air now... take a little chance, who knows... cos, darling, why the hell not!?

Entertain the idea-- and potential ability- to go your own way. This is magnified if you’ve been seeking an open road, growing bored with the mundane details, or simply outgrowing a relationship or professional responsibility. Go your own way. Sure, I realize it’s not just that easy. Believe me-- I’ve done it. Many, many times. It’s usually anything but easy. But, it’s always definitely worth it.

Maybe all you’re needing is a new perspective rather than a change of scenery? You got it. Likely a new view is on your horizon if only you’re willing to acknowledge the odd, the strange, and the unorthodox as options or alternative. It may be all that’s necessary to take you from tedious to entranced, from uninspired to piqued. It is now that something completely foreign to you can speak volumes and you’ll understand in a most personal way. Listen.

But maybe you’ve been thinking to yourself: I wonder what my life would be like if I... this is an ideal time to find out. Though, do keep in mind that this curiosity will come with a price and that price will be your willingness to prove resilient.

Experience new, emboldened, necessary change. Start small. See how it feels. This tells the universe you’re taking steps in handling what it has to abundantly offer you. Rebuild or repair the broken, mend and tend to the ailing, and begin something new. On this note: apply for a new/different job, ask for that raise, change your life and make that move, hell-- relocate. This transit has a way of showing you where to go should you accept the mission. Obviously, we all hold responsibilities. We cannot stop these to pursue a "what if" fantasy and seek out an adventurous whim, although now is the time that you’d like to; calculated risks would be more appropriate now. Again, start slow. Announce "more please" only when you’re ready. Sometimes a simple "thank you" will do.

Remember, this transit, for you, may simply be about waking you up from a day-to-day type of daze and helping you take the appropriate steps in overcoming a debilitating habit or way of life in an effort to build trust in your self, in your abilities, and in your dreams and thereby strengthening your faith in the "what if" scenario... when you are ready to say "more please".

This is my advice, albeit pleonastic, I have only the best of intentions for you.

It is often the small changes we make that create larger effects overall. For one small example, for me, it’ll be one post at a time.

Rid yourself of what is old and no longer serving your greatest efforts and begin to seek out a new, more appropriate truth. The universe, without a doubt, will guide you should you go, see, or do.

Your honest being is essential to us all. One day at a time.

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