Jupiter Square Pluto Transit in 2016 and 2017 - Find Your Balance

Jupiter Square Pluto Transit in 2016 and 2017 - Find Your Balance

By Jamie VanZuuk

last updated March 30th, 2017

Jupiter Square Pluto

Do you know how a star is born? Not theatrically, but cosmically-- how does a star become?

It’s quite the process, so I’ll keep it simple:

A star becomes a star when atoms of light collide and endure just enough pressure to create fusion. Fusion is a combination of several varying elements reacting together and confronting one another simultaneously.

Each star up in the sky is a result of balance.

Cosmic balance.

A balance of forces occurs when the force of gravity reacts by a transmutation of sorts until fusion begins which, in turn, creates a pressure which can only be released outward.

This release creates the light, which scatters among the reaction of particle dust remains-- and this is the light we see as a star shines.

Stars are made of hydrogen and helium at their core, balancing within itself a mixture of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and iron found within the atmosphere, lingering still from previous stars.

See, when a star burns out, the universe recycles all of its particles.

Each star up in the sky became a star through matter that at one time burned brightly.

I bring this to your attention because the energy both Jupiter and Pluto create and inspire requires healthy balance. Like the birth of a star, both opportunity and control, too, need to find just the right balance. The fusion of the power within you colliding with the powers that be is its own cosmic balance between you and the universe; may you shine as brightly as the sun.

Again, the heavens are favorable now to begin something new, and though this something new will get off the ground, it will have its moments of upset and dust particles of doubt.

With Jupiter, it could be a matter of your start becoming too much for you to handle. Or it could become something more than you ever thought possible. It truly does rely upon your attitude regarding the power you possess now. Is your glass half full or half empty? Is a balance. Remember that the glass is refillable.

Jupiter is kind of the cheerleader of the planets, if you haven’t noticed, but Pluto is the gatekeeper, the score keeper, the keeper of all undoing, so, life may throw you opportunities to stand up for yourself, to become more abundantly yourself, or push yourself forward somehow. These pushes may be a way to simply make necessary adjustments, or then again, a blatantly obvious way to get you to act. Either way, it’ll definitely test your character. Like a credit score, your character, too, needs checked from time to time. Pluto is pleased to do so.

And Pluto, being the keeper that he is, must keep something of yours in order to give you something of value: you must leave the past in the past in order to continue moving forward.

Whatever you take on now, and through the majority of 2017, you will likely become consumed by, so make sure it’s something that’s worth your time and energy. As Pluto is the planet of recycling, it’s an auspicious time to repair what you have broken, in line with the birth of a star, again, use what you need from the damage and dust that remain and proceed forward with your best intentions balancing with what the universe needs from you.

However, it may not be so simple, but a good use of your time, either way.

Whatever you gain or lose through this transit will ultimately make you a better human, a brighter star, to others and to yourself. You will truly understand what is worthy of you and your time.

You will understand the essence of balance.

Cosmic balance.

*Jupiter will square Pluto exactly again on March 30, 2017 at 19° and 17° on August 4, 2017.

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