New Moon in Sagittarius – Things are About to Get Sticky

New Moon in Sagittarius – Things are About to Get Sticky

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is at 7°43’ Sagittarius on November 29th at 12:18pm UT* and things are about to get... sticky.

These energies could provoke moments of potential scandal *gasp!*

Suspicious scenarios, suspect or (un)solicitous behaviors between you, your lover and/or partner, combined with potential feelings of paranoia, pining, pain, provocation or power plays are probable.

And most definitely alliteration, hahaha

Or, you could just be faced with an uneasy, unexpected, and unwanted confrontation to look at your relationships in a new, more raw and vulnerable way, sacrificing a sense of security and inevitably packing on the plight of "what now?"

The heavens will form a map of celestial connections from the sun/moon conjunction to a t-square with both the North Node and Neptune, creating a void in Gemini once again. This void in Gemini points to a balancing of, and potential solution being, communication for communication sake.

Using your words, even sounding out the hard stuff you may not want to allude to, is better than not saying anything. But sometimes things slip through the cracks only because of lack of talking it out. Even sililoquy, sometimes-- only sometimes- is something, isn’t it?

Also, and I don’t usually include connections to asteroids, however, in becoming more ensconced with their meanings and lore and representations, I could not ignore the mere seconds of celestial conjunction to the New Moon event.

The asteroid of Juno has been moving through Sagittarius and will be at 7°38’ at the time of the New Moon event, thus connecting, too, to both the North Node and Neptune.

It’s something of a party. It’s who will be invited and/or attending despite not being invited that is still a question.

A word assigned to the goddess in varying breakdowns of languages, depending upon which countries lore you’re learning, but resoundingly meaning ’light’.

Shining light on the darkest places, the places we wish not to look at.

Juno looked over all aspects of a woman’s life, was a protector of married women and to those in confinement, as so many women undoubtedly felt they were in one way or another, also, the one who triggered the memory, and was the goddess of childbirth.

Juno points, generally, to commitment and loyalties in a chart.

Juno represents, more spiritually, what we inherently need in a marriage or committed arrangement and how we show outlasting devotion. She may very well give us an insight as to who our soulmate partner(s) is/are and how we meet them.

Some mythological soap dish is, that despite her marriage to her brother, Jupiter, yeah... you read that right... but, furthermore, Jupiter, who was anything but faithful to her, and blatantly so, she remained loyal to him, never lowered herself to jealousies, rage, or spite. She was a loving mother and honored all commitments, possibly because her father was Saturn?

It was Hera, the fall of Juno, her dark side, her shadow side, who was the jealous, conniving, mean, and vengeful one.

And when these dramatically opposing contradictions between faithfulness and infidelity, commitment and the ending thereof, the stark and drastic decisions between these two opposing directions and how everything will be viewed, owned, and then handled, and in general: devotion in connection to the foggy, dreamy disillusionment of Neptune, combined with the destined feelings we’re drawn to, led by, or emotionally confused with the North Node, it’s easy to understand the potentially violent misunderstanding.

Not as easily, I’m sure, to explain it in real language...

This energy may illicit infidelity, accusations thereof, or simply a wandering eye from apprehensive feelings of what could be. It could also inspire proposals, the beginnings of new commitments, devotions, or divorce.

With Juno only several minutes from the connection of the sun and moon, in Sagittarius, on a New Moon of all days, lends a particular over idealization of sorts, a sensitivity that is largely beyond what is normal, and a vulnerability to deception. Any secrets being kept, lies being told, or suspicions inspired thereof could be exposed, accused, or sabotaged.

With Neptune, remember that a certain amount of sacrifice can be evident, as well as victimization. Not to mention the abuse of substances that confuse or alter your conscious mind. Things could be used against someone in order to keep the power or control of what they no longer hold control over. Again, vulnerabilities will be confronted.

But most importantly, I think it’s crucial to consider any self-deceptions going on within your relationships.

It’s one thing to take another ’as is’ ideally, and to commit yourself to the good, bad, and the ugly representations of that concept. However, it’s quite another to lie to yourself, convince yourself, or otherwise tarnish your right mind in to thinking one way toward a partner, or circumstance, when in reality, the details are a bit more controversial, or scattered, or unstable, or less than dreamy than you’d be willing to own up to. To admit not even to a group of people and strangers at a party, but to yourself.

What’s more, is that the seventh degree of Sagittarius represents allurement; that which allures will most certainty possess a play, and Sagittarius, respectively, respectfully, possesses a youthful hopefulness and a resilient, resistance to reality, and an ideal sense of, well, everything.

It may be difficult now to allow yourself to see what’s really going on in your relationships, though the powers that be may force you through this New Moon event. But if you do-- if you look closer- willingly, you’ll see that partners/circumstances within your relationships are likely not really at all as you want them to be, or tell yourself they are.

Of course, you know this.

Situations are rarely ideal.

The prize of this party is that the New Moon event is allowing you a celestial glimpse to not only see things as they are but to truly feel things as they are.

The ultimate As Is. The ultimate Light!

And unlike Juno, who most likely was never given a voice to express her truest feelings about her own circumstances, the heavens are creating the floor so that you can voice yours, and thereby own your less-than-ideal circumstances. To see things as they truly are, and accept them wholeheartedly, lends a foundation from which things can be started, fixed, healed, or ended.

We all have illusions of grandeur in who we think our mate should be... it’s Juno’s presence and her placement in your chart, that reminds you who it is you really need.

Furthermore, in keeping in theme with asteroid presence, the only other aspect to the New Moon event is to the asteroid, Vesta, and when Vesta connects to the sun, her energies inspire an ability to focus, which should be a blessing through the Neptunian fog sure to be felt. Aspects between Vesta and the moon suggest the same; an instinctual focus upon what matters, and one’s self.

The beginning of September may have offered some insight in hindsight, as it was connected to the North Node at 9° Virgo then, in line with the connection to it now by two degrees, suggesting a choice between two completely opposing realities that will inevitably affect both your mental and emotional health, how you look at devotion, and if you continue to feel emotionally through logic or begin to choose logically reasoning through feelings you experience to ensure a healthier approach.

*7:18am EST; 6:18am CST; 5:18am MST; 4:18am PST

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