Mercury in Capricorn Transit – Prepare Yourself for Practical and Resourceful Thinking and Acting

Mercury in Capricorn Transit – Prepare Yourself for Practical and Resourceful Thinking and Acting

By Jamie VanZuuk

Jupiter Square Pluto

Prepare yourselves to slow down, both your thoughts and your decision-making, for methodically structuring these in practical, resourceful ways will be preferred while Mercury moves through the earth sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn prefers gathering information in parts over being bombarded, and then having to pick apart what’s necessary and what is not.

Capricorn is a thinker. Like the statue, The Thinker, these folks are seemingly made of stone; impossibly patient, a bit foreboding, and hella stubborn. It’s not so much even that Capricorn is patient-- they expect you to be. In fact, a stark impatience overcomes them when dealing with, let’s say, an idiot.

This brings me to Capricorn holding a reputation in the zodiac for being cold, impersonal, and harsh. Well, in response to this I offer that Capricorn holds an interesting story in its roots, one describing pain and responsibilities long before an appropriate rite of passage has been established. When Mercury passes through, these feelings may not be so harshly felt, though it’s good preparation for when the sun follows later this month. Really, it’s just interesting information.

Natives with the sun in Capricorn, or those with Capricorn on the horizon, most typically, had either a shortened childhood due to an absent father or sick mother or otherwise had to care for other children or siblings as the paternal roles were lacking, and, essentially, reversed.

Capricorn natives often grow younger as they age. Backwards, as Benjamin Button displayed, though without the physicality details. The older a Capricorn grows, the more loose, easy, and jolly s/he becomes.

I’ve read somewhere that Capricorn newborns-- again, with Capricorn on the rise or a strong saturnine presence- often experience difficulty through child birth, as though they’re hesitant to enter the world, knowing the grave responsibilities they will be expected to endure.

Isn’t that interesting?

Take a moment and consider everyone you know born in late December, early January, and ask yourselves: does my Capricorn friend possess wisdom beyond their years?, do they hold an air of authority?, do they need a little nudging before seeing the bright side? Maybe you know their childhood experiences, maybe you can imagine... but, it’s interesting, if anything.

When Mercury is in Capricorn, it’s our thoughts and our language that become a bit more skewed, more pragmatic, even pessimistic. Responsibilities are more quickly understood, obligations assigned, and practical decisions are made so much more easily. Our judgement is ethical, reasonable, and again, practical. Remember, the element of earth is always practical, resourceful, and determined.

Capricorn is determined, above anything. Fiercely so. Capricorn is cardinal in nature, so initiating comes naturally. You’ll likely hear of plans becoming something real or dreams becoming realities. The building blocks of anything begin with cardinal signs, the trailblazing pioneers of the zodiac.

Mercury in Sagittarius, a fire sign, mutable in nature, thinks freely, whimsically, hopefully, and inspirationally, changing ideas easily, again and again, if necessary.

Not so in Capricorn. It’ll be a noticeable shift in that all the humdrum things you should’ve been doing for the last month but were daydreaming and thinking ideally instead will now mount in priority, and you’ll be thankful you have the attention span and demand to take care of them now. Capricorn will insist.

You may notice a stuffiness-- in yourself or others- because of this urgent focus in completing what was left unaccounted for. Or, if things continued to get done through Sagittarius, (who are you, by the way!?), your ideals will now be materialized through effectively communicating to others your thoughts and imaginings with the appropriate vocabulary and practical knowledge over whatever it is, in order to see matters through and follow-up.

Furthermore, your vocabulary may stiffen up. No more descriptive details but cold, hard facts. Fast facts. Time is money type of talk. Whereas, in Sagittarius, descriptive words and feelings were all abound, speaking in quotes of spirituality, pondering philosophies, why people think and believe what they think and believe... Capricorn doesn’t have to ask, Capricorn knows why people think and believe what they do and you likely will too by the time Mercury prepares for Aquarius. Because you’ll be able to tune in with an adroit focus, an ability to see through any fluff, any insincerity, any falsely conveyed machinations. You’ll see down to the true bones of any situation.

Words will hold more stance, what words mean. You’ll want to trust someone’s word and likewise. Capricorn is old school that way, when business was done with a handshake and their word rather than paperwork and legalities. Choosing your words, even counting to ten if necessary, is wise now. When speaking with someone with Mercury in Capricorn natally, despite however harsh their words sound-- know that they deliberately chose those words carefully, and likely, effectively. Also, like a photograph captures an image forever, Capricorn forever remembers words, feelings, and actions... and forever is a long time.

This is especially true as the holiday season is beginning. Folks are rushed, frantic, stressed, and impatient. Words can easily be thrown about to convey frustration and worry... breathe. Mercury in Capricorn may want to put others in their place, so to speak-- breathe.

Count to ten.

And Capricorn despises wasting time. Ruled by Saturn, Father Time himself, time is of the essence, for real, with these folks. Be mindful of this through this transit, as it’ll truly be quite obvious when the sun clears the very first degree of Capricorn on the winter solstice. In lieu of this little detail-- complete everything in your power needing your attention before the solstice, and/or have a concrete method for doing so in place to rely on through the Capricorn season.

You’ll thank your future self, cos with Capricorn, time and energy are investments.

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