Venus is in the Last Degrees of Capricorn – The Time When an Opportunity is Born of You

Venus is in the Last Degrees of Capricorn – The Time When an Opportunity is Born of You

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius

Venus is moving in the last degrees of Capricorn, void of course if you will, unaspected yesterday and still today, and will move in to Aquarius by tomorrow morning.

The twenty-ninth degree is said to be a special degree, connected to an auspicious-ness of sorts, spiritually, mystically, astrologically speaking. The twenty-ninth degree of Capricorn represents opportunity-- my favorite word- assigned by Marc Edmund Jones, suggesting that through each degree of struggle and success one accomplishes through the plight and purpose of Capricornian wisdom, an opportunity is born of you.

The twenty-ninth degree represents a turning point. A period of transition. We are constantly moving through phases in our lives, from the beginnings to the endings, however, these are usually more clearly marked, more rigidly defined.

What happens to the large chuck in between?

As the sun continues to move through Sagittarius, you’re living the large chunk in between. You’re continuing to navigate yourself through the current transitions you find yourself somewhat caught in the middle of. May you become more grounded by the end of the month.

Our lives are nothing but stages, phases, cycles, and patterns: some are a flurry of life, while some create life, and some change, in an effort to evolve.

As we watch our bright evening star, Venus, approach the first degree of Aquarius, let us take a moment.

Take this moment of opportunity, these next two days, and consider the struggles of others. Consider those, like you, in transition. Not only your Capricorn friends, of course, consider everyone. I would imagine there are folks in your lives struggling with things unknown, unseen, unheard, somehow pulling off a smile here and there, without ever leading on their troubles. For whatever reason. Consider those, too, who struggle with obvious setbacks.

Take a moment to send love to these people.

Take a moment to send love to those around you who continue to sleep, to those who are beginning to wake up.

Take a moment, too to send love to yourself. To appreciate yourself. Look how far you’ve come. Whatever concerns are weighing heavily on your mind now, give yourself a day to relax, recline, and let go.

Your weight will wait.

And depending on how you used the energies of Venus in Capricorn, your weight will either transform delightfully toward uncanny or unique opportunities to further develop any emotional or financial hitches that were approached or confronted by the grounded foundations of Capricorn... or, it will become more stubborn, more unavoidable, more likely to create a statement or spectacle for you, in front of your friends or colleagues.

Not to worry. You can approach these fixes when the sun sets sights on Capricorn on the solstice, and Saturn will hold you to it. Your transitions will find direction, especially as Mars, and now Venus, are moving through Aquarius, and will eventually come together in the sky, but any unresolved issues still needing dealt with should be honestly approached in the meantime.

You’re on to something... wait for it--

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