Venus in Aquarius Transit – December 7th, 2016 - January 4th, 2017

Venus in Aquarius Transit – December 7th, 2016 - January 4th, 2017

Show Venus a new way to party, she’ll love it.

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus in Aquarius Transit

The "Star" card of the tarot deck represents a celestial green light.

If you draw this card from the deck or in a reading it means that you’re on to something... but maybe the way you’re going about it just needs some adjustments.

And this is where Aquarius truly shines.

This card, as you would imagine then, represents the sign of Aquarius, the waterbearer, giver of life, giver to all.

Although water is a large representation of the idea of Aquarius, it is, however, after all, an air sign. Fixed in nature. So, logical and stubborn... they know what they want and they’re going to get it.

In time. Traditionally, Saturn rules Aquarius. Time is nothing.

However, the 11th house rulership inspires that they share, they give, they inherently understand what others need, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Because "feel" is much different than "think," and this is what you’ll need to understand until January 4th, as Venus has moved in to the sign of Aquarius and is currently applying a connection to meet up soon with Father Time himself-- Saturn.

Venus, alone, does not prefer to get too comfortable in Aquarius, quite simply because Aquarius won’t allow it. Aquarius prefers to remain detached emotionally, enjoys freedom, and needs to be identified as an individual, most importantly.

However, through these weeks until January 4th, as Venus makes herself as comfortable as allowable, you will see the building of something, again, as she moves toward a connection with Saturn.

Saturn will give Venus some strength here.

Again-- all in good time, my dear.

And this is where the Aquarius placement is useful to you•••

The vision you have, an Aquarian idea, has the potential to grow here.

As the year comes to an end, with new year resolutions in mind or whatnot, we tend to think in ideals this time of year. The way we wish things were. And with this Venus placement-- as long as we can accept some of the things we cannot change and come to a compromise that makes everyone involved obliging, hell, even happy- we might actually be able to see our visions through. Especially, especially-- if your vision includes others’ needs as much as your own, if not more... remember, Jupiter is in Libra, Venus rules Libra, and Jupiter wants to say "yes" to everyone. To give. To love. To include.

It’s all connecting. Full circle-like.

If your vision includes social issues, human rights, or progressive, forward-thinking solutions for change, man, you’re truly on to something. Humanitarianism and reformation and research is very Aquarian in nature, as is looking at things through a sociological lens.

As is faith healing, free will, and even frankincense!

Again, Venus isn’t very comfortable in Aquarius. Aquarius prefers to tap in to these much needed issues from afar, or, at least in an impersonal manner whereas Venus wants to be front and center. Adored. Doted upon.

Aquarius? Notsomuch. Nor will they ever dote on you.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you may feel lonely even when immersed in company. You could feel different, off, or odd.

Something’s not right... and it’s not.

If this makes you feel better, everyone is feeling it.

It’s not just you.

Especially, with that saturnine influence, Venus grows cold. Venus is forced to be more mature, more responsible for her actions... though, Aquarius could stand some spontaneity.

Venus can help.

If/when you begin to feel isolated, think you’re odd, or appear strange in contrast to others, try your best to include others, bring those around you IN rather than pushing them away or out. Who says you can’t make the Aquarian in you feel uncomfortable!?-- or, it’ll be that area of life that Aquarius rules in your chart that could use some charming.

Charm it.

Take your feelings of inadequacy and truly own your awkwardness together. Because we’re all awkward in our own unique ways. It’s true. Share it with everyone.

Have fun with it.

Show Venus a new way to party, she’ll love it.

***If you need guidance for the upcoming 2017 and maybe for the rest of 2016, now is the time! The time when you can push your life, start living it in synergy with the universe energy, get prepared for all its gifts and obstacles, expected and unexpected. And Jamie VanZuuk, the author of this article, is happy to help you with it.

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