Full Moon in Gemini - the Truth of your Now

Full Moon in Gemini - the Truth of your Now

*December 13th-- 7:04pm EST; 6:04pm CST; 5:04pm MST; 4:04pm PST

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Gemini December 2016

Gemini is a very social sign, and mutable in nature, which represents the changeable nature that comes with Geminian energy. Not exactly innately animalistic, Gemini is the first human representation in the zodiac; the Twins offer logical reason, forethought, and consciousness, as well as consequence and repercussion. The element of air the third sign represents only perpetuates the mental stimulation required by one with a prominence of Gemini, through whichever sector of life Gemini is found within the nativity chart.

But where Gemini is in our chart is also where we can expect a greater effort in communication, lively interaction, honest curiosity, and an insatiable hunger for learning, especially within the context of the house placement and aspects thereto. It could also be where we are more likely to bring logic in to the mix, with feelings second, maybe not, or have a more rational approach overall.

Where Gemini is identifies where one is open to loose translation rather than rigidly defined dogmas or stigmas alike. Because the Gemini inside us all yearns for something sacred, to not be delineated beyond all understanding in every possible way... to be left alone to wonder at, wonder about... to just wonder.

To wonder is to distill a deeper meaning to even the most mundane machinations of the day.

(Remember-- Gemini asks the questions... it’s Virgo who needs to know the answers, as Mercury rules both, though is more evolved in its sixth sign placement and still mostly having fun in the third.)

Our internal twins seek out the moment at hand.

The "Truth of the Now" of it all. Nothing more.

This Full Moon event will urge you to delve deeper inside yourself, first and most importantly, for what you seek in the world at large.

For the Truth of your Now.

What is the current weather forecast in your life at this very moment?

You may need to ask yourself some things... these may be seemingly emotional, however, think of your answers in a most logical manner.

What does happiness mean to you?

Love-- how do you define it?

What makes you tick?

Are you seeking enlightenment?

This seems to be quite becoming these days... the constant search for enlightenment.

For example, ask yourself first, "am I attracting enlightenment in to my life?" as it may extend a meaningful element to your search.

If you see no happiness in your life, ask yourself if you’re seeing the positive in everything, or only the negative?

It would stand to reason that one would only achieve "enlightenment" if one were only reflecting upon what is, rather than say, what isn’t, or what shouldn’t, or what wouldn’t, or... you see where I’m going here, I presume.

So, explain to me then, how you’re thinking happiness or enlightenment could find you if all you notice are the shadows of (your own) despair?

This upcoming Full Moon at 22° Gemini occurs on December 14th, just several minutes in to the new day, at 12:04am UT*, and will complete in the sky what is referred to as a mystical rectangle aspect pattern, which represents tensions and conflict, traditionally, however, a possible solution to whatever tension you’re carrying is found within the planetary energies which create the rectangle itself.

The Mystic Rectangle on this Full Moon event combines the planetary energies of the moon opposing the sun, with Saturn still really nearby, and Jupiter opposing Uranus to complete the X within the rectangle. What this suggests, then, is a celestial glimpse of what you’ll potentially be dealing with furthermore, in the upcoming year, as Jupiter continues to play with Uranus on a larger scale and revolutionary way. This also suggests-- since the sun connected with Saturn only several days ago- that however you navigated yourself through that transition may be how you’ll respond in kind to what’s currently in front of you. Or, still in front of you.

Did I lose you? I must admit, this Full Moon event is a bit more scattered in meaning than the average lunar transit... stay with me.

Are you prepared to accept what is, and are you able to willingly engage with what you’re able to in an effort to further understand what you’re misunderstanding?

If "no" is your answer to either of those questions, you may as well stop here.

It’s true, this event could be harsh, maybe bittersweet for some of you. With Saturn involved, also still fresh from the recent conjunction with the sun, feelings of an extraordinary loneliness, or a slight depression, and sudden sadness are a bit more severely developed. And as I mentioned before, depending upon how you navigated through the heaviness of the conjunction last week will speak volumes for how you may approach this Full Moon event. And thereafter...

You may be noticing a distancing, either between yourself and others or between yourself and, well, yourself? It sounds silly, but, we do it. We do it all the time.

We avoid harshness, we deny our demons.

And we ignore our inner voice.

You know that saying, that expectations invite disappointment? Well, disappointment is inevitable if inner voices are ignored.

When it comes down to the brass tacks of the situation, whatever is causing you anguish or anxiety, depression or devastation, whatever shadow word you want to choose-- think to yourself: is this the result of not originally listening to my inner voice, even years and years ago? That reaction behind reaction behind reaction as a result of an original inaction, or, yada yada yada, however your story goes-- are you ignoring your inner voice?

To ignore an inner voice is to hire a demon on-call.

Because by ignoring our inner voice is to ignore who we are. If we cannot be who we are, we are, essentially, behaving dishonestly.

One of the very primal things that separates man from beast, beyond his ability to reason, comprehend repercussion, and reflect-- is sin. Luckily, the Twins give us reason, to understand right from wrong, just from unjust, and good from bad.

However, thankfully, the Twins also stop to ask: but why?

And this "why" detail is of the essence now.

Reflection should be an/the effective way for you to navigate yourself through the currents of these planetary energies, this lunar rectangular event... to ask the Gemini within yourself to recharge the gut instincts you’ve ignored for so long. The body is interesting in that way, or, should I say the mind? We’re given these amazing survival capacities, such as gut instincts, sixth senses, and an insatiable curiosity to pursue either... and we so often choose to ignore all of it. And for what!?-- to avoid disappointment, of what we already know.

And then we’re disappointed. To learn of the very truth we ignored knowing that we knew from the beginning.

Ask yourself•••

Why am I ignoring my primal gifts?

Why am I ignoring my inner voice?

Why am I ignoring my Now?

When you discontinue your subscription to the gifts you were born with, the mind compensates this space as available, to fill with other things. So, your gut instincts and reactions are dulled, if not pulled altogether. Your sixth sense is lazy, or lulled by some other pull, such as addictions or obsessive compulsions of another kind. And your curiosity decays with the rot of righteousness.

Humans are a strange idea, indeed.

Thoughts are things, my friends, and you can use this to your benefit, or to your detriment.

Thank goodness we all have a set of Twins within us to know the difference between the two.

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