Last Mercury Retrograde of 2016 - a Blessing in Disguise, an Opportunity within the Obstacle

Last Mercury Retrograde of 2016 - a Blessing in Disguise, an Opportunity within the Obstacle

The fourth and final Mercury Retrograde of 2016 starts on December 19th, 2016 at 15° Capricorn and ends on January 8th, 2017 at 28° Sagittarius.

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Mercury gets a bad wrap.

Some of the comments I hear about Mercury, specifically when retrograded, are powerfully charged with fear or anxiety when there is almost always a blessing in disguise, an opportunity within the obstacle.

To think-- that for only three to four times a year for roughly three weeks- a large majority of the population freak in preparation for retrogrades involving the winged messenger due to murky, murmured, misinformed malarkey. Yet, when Venus moves retrograde and potentially devastates the solidarity and security of relationships, or Mars, naturally bombarding all efforts of forward movement... nope.

No mind. No matter.

It’s incredible to me.

It’s curious.

So, naturally, it urges me to investigate...

And this is what I’ve come up with••• think about it this way:

Much of the rituals, routines, and running around you spend each and every day is more or less second nature to you, (or it soon will be, if you’ve recently started something new). This is the subconscious at its finest. Like you’re moving through the motions on autopilot.

The part of the brain that manages the tasks in your day that you already know how to do tends to tune out, bored beyond your ability to even physiologically understand boredom at this degree. This allows another part of your brain-- the part which stores memories- to take over. This allows for more space and capacity for the ’active’ part of your brain-- the part requiring new experiences- to process new data, even if it’s only daydreaming.

Furthermore, there are entire studies that demonstrate how time feels based on which part of the brain is active.

These studies tell us that time feels painfully slow when we are young, primarily because we’re learning so much, all the time, in everything we do. However, as we grow older, it feels as though time flies because we’ve already learned so much from a certain point that our active brain no longer needs to allow for the space to absorb new experiences.

Think of your active brain allowing your autopilot to take over when Mercury is moving directly. And when its retrograde cycles begin, your brain is almost, as if-- celestially- needing to allow for absorption, for learning, for reflection. For new experiences.

It’s when Mercury throws in a curveball to test your reaction time.

To tease your brain.

To remind it who’s boss.

To offer that part of your brain requiring new experiences-- to enjoy some new lessons.

And this, well, makes many of us uncomfortable as adults. Mercury represents largely the curiosity our inner child craves to explore.

Retrograde cycles slow time down, precisely to offer you the much needed time to absorb new thoughts, new information, new data, new ideas.

New experiences.

Your unconscious competence becomes a conscious incompetence.

It’s celestial perfection, really.

There’s also justification of the vast trepidation in retrograde cycles through mythological lore, as far as my imagination can support. And it’s particular, actually, to what is currently occurring in our skies, which, quite possibly, is why I stumbled upon it. See, this is how Mercury works. He tricks, but he also treats curiosity, and the courage to question, with reward.

The myth of Perseus is known to be favored by many, in particular, for the heroic demonstration shown in slaying the snake head of Medusa.

It was Perseus’ fate, in fact, to slay the Gorgon’s head.

What many may not know is that Perseus gave credit where credit was due, in regard to both Mercury and Minerva, and even Pluto; it was Mercury who offered the winged sandals that so effortlessly allowed himself to deliver the countless messages among the gods, the infamous helmet of invincibility was given by Pluto and Minerva, her shield of protection. Without these gifts, Perseus may have had a dramatically different experience, despite his fate in slaying such a misunderstood character of mythology.

It’s worthy to extend a curiosity here, that quite possibly, this fate Perseus embraced occurred when Mercury was retrograde? That this was not an ordinary, autopilot sort of undertaking, but a very new experience for that part of the brain to absorb?

Can you imagine such a fate? I would imagine as Perseus approached this fate, his reality felt as though it were playing out in slow motion even. How could it not!?

And it’s worthy to question, now in particular, as Mercury is inching quickly toward Pluto... that maybe, just maybe, Mercury has something in mind for you? An offer to share? Pluto, a gift to give? In an effort to strengthen a plan you have in your mind, a plan involving new experiences or lessons to embrace boldly and bravely?

It’s something to consider. Things to think over until late January. Maybe the next time you’re driving on autopilot?

Mercury would enjoy it.

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