Mars in Pisces - Recharge Before Going Back Out to Battle

Mars in Pisces - Recharge Before Going Back Out to Battle

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Pisces

Pisces represents selflessness and unconditional love, the ultimate truth, and sacrificing oneself for the greater good.

Mars represents action and forward movement and adrenalin, but also anger and aggression, violence and selfishness.

Mars is all ego.

Pisces is not.

You may consider Pisces submissive in comparison to the aggressions of Mars, however, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, god of the seas. Do you realize that water is the most powerful element there is?; that over time it can turn wood to stone, can cut deep in to concrete, and, let’s not forget-- the source of all life.

Pisces is the adult, in this scenario, Mars acting as the child or prepubescent teen, eager to make bad decisions but then calmed, lulled, and allowed to be the warrior he is at heart, only if willing to fight for a good cause, for the greater good.

Mars has moved in to Pisces and will be in these crystal clear poseidon waters until January 27th, meeting along the way, the god of the seas himself, Neptune.

Seeking truth, especially your own personal Truth is to be expected, as is going above and beyond for others. To actively give yourself over to something much larger than yourself. And I don’t mean religion, specifically, unless, for you, it may be appropriate. Otherwise, simply a sense of selflessness in some area of your life is what this transition may mean for you.

However, your actions may be behind-the-scenes rather than out loud.

It’s also a twelfth house/first house idea. The beginning, and the inevitable ending. Or, in this case, the ending of something you’ve been insistent about, demanding possibly, and fighting for... and the renewed beginning of something different, something new, or something fresh from it. Energy never dies, you see, it just changes form.

The twelfth house is a mystery to even the most advanced and knowledgeable astrologer, but in my studies and experience, I have found the twelfth house to be vast and vague and voluptuous with respite.

To recharge before going back out to battle is a very 12th house idea.

To reflect over what you’ve been through, what you’re considering now, and where and how and why you’ll continue on in the direction you plan to when Mars moves on to Aries, back to the first house, where Mars is very, very comfortable.

To retreat. To rest. To simply be.

When Mars moves through Pisces we notice a slowing down, similar almost to a retrograde, but this transitory tempo aims in recharging your soul and your spirit in a forward motion, though inwardly, and even if only behind-the-scenes for now, it’ll later be moved to center stage. You’ve come to an ending of some sort and here you’re able to break down barriers that once kept you safe but no longer make sense. You’re preparing for new lessons, new terrain, new experiences.

The warrior within you will never be quiet, but will, through Pisces, be calm, cool, and collective. Yes, collective *wink*

There’s a light within you that will never go out....

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