Astrology of the Last Days of 2016 and Beyond - Neptune Opposite North Node, Mars Conjunct Neptune

Astrology of the Last Days of 2016 and Beyond

By Jamie VanZuuk


Mars is approaching an opposition to the North Node at 6° Pisces on December 27th, while Neptune is at 9° Pisces, meaning that a conjunction between Mars and Neptune exactly will occur here soon, in fact, on the last day of the year.

It was earlier this year, in late October, that Neptune was exactly opposite the North Node. One could consider that this opposition would be exact again sometime soon, as Neptune’s retrograde phases would allow for this, however, the North Node, in 2017, will move beyond Virgo and in to Leo, as the North Node moves backward. This rules out another Neptunian opposition to the North Node for some time, which may be to our advantage, as we’ve perhaps made some irreversible mistakes through this one.

So, it is important at this time to look at what is occurring and to reflect back upon what has already passed.

It’s always to be expected that we make decisions, many times without the knowledge, really, at all, to make an informed or even educated guess about it, but it seems or feels like the right thing to do at the time.

When Mars opposes the Noth Node, you’re much more willing to take risks, to make an impact, to grasp courageously onto your dreams, your vision, your own personal truths.

Be mindful with this power, however, as Mars may be the planet of powerful initiations, it is still the planet of accidents, trumped up ego, and outright violence, so it’s going to behoove you to practice patience for yourself as well as allowing this validation toward others. On this note, confrontations are much more likely to be initiated at these times, especially if one’s identity is on the line.

Efforts in patience, and energy put in to a discipline you feel passionately about should be enough now to take any frustrations and divert your attentions to more valuable, productive details. Allow this. I believe that it’s true to consider ’God [being] in the details’, yet, if you find that the details are hindering your progress at every turn, turn your focus rather to the bigger picture in order to readjust and potentially tweak your perspective.

And this is important now more than ever because when Neptune opposes the North Node, we tend to lose direction entirely, the boundaries blurring and the focus foggy. Therefore, it is possible now that something in your life lacks foundation, clarity, or even a realistic means by which to approach it or deny it.

There is a massive amount of potential deception occurring, in one form or another. These deceptions need not be dramatic, though deceiving nonetheless. For example, we are much more easily influenced by the justification we assign ourselves-- hell, even grant ourselves or others- our judgement needing to be further examined, picked apart, and questioned, as we enable a sense of entitlement, or even ignorance. But this examination, too, if it occurs at all, is murky, even manipulated-- blurred at best. Case in point-- current political opinions in America; what were we thinking!?-- but it may have seemed justified at the time... being told one thing while simultaneously other things were playing out, so, again deception through distraction.

Major downfalls have been known to occur when Neptune opposes the North Node, and in this scenario, a Pisces/Virgo opposition, one’s ideals and sacrifices will be questioned, quite complicated as they will be, and inevitably tested, and ultimately-- discriminated against. And this will stand to be regardless of which side you stand on/for.

Everything-- and I mean everything- will come to the surface.

With Neptune, intuition is more valuable than what can be proven, so it’s best to trust your own gut instincts. Spirituality is also of great use to you now. However, with Neptune, a theme of dishonesty also occurs, including thievery, manipulation, treason, mutiny, deception by allurement, and any manner of deceit occurring behind-the-scenes or through means one’s unable to prove.

Political astrology is definitely not my interest or talent, however, I think it would be interesting to look further in to it these days, albeit depressing and provoking. Still, one can apply these oppositions of energy in any area of one’s life, and directly so where Neptune and the North Node are currently transiting your own chart.

So, if you take any of this away today, take a mindfulness and a willingness to be patient with yourself and with others as we’re all struggling to see the light. Also, take with you a trust, a trust in the universe, in that everything occurring now is occurring through divine perfection, with good intentions. And a trust in your self, your instincts, and your ability to assign right from wrong, and of course, the consciousness necessary to understand that what’s right may not make you money or could actually become much more effort than you’re able to fully commit to in one setting... but it’s what’s right, and could eventually prove to be exactly what’s standing between you and your Truth.

Through all the deceptions and fog could actually be a vague truth only hiding in the shadows. And it will take you, and me, and everyone we know, to come together to support our individual truths, our individual weaknesses even, in an effort to find a solution among the wreckage.

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